Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Annapolis Pictures

Hanging out after the race at Navy Stadium.

An orange to go with all of my orange!!

Almost to the finish line! Not sure if you can see it but I painted my fingernails orange to match my tank and visor.

Last curve to the finish line. I didn't even see Stephen when he was taking this picture.
My week of easy running is going well. I did a short 3.2 (5K) yesterday morning before work. Then yesterday afternoon I went to the work gym where I did this strength routine. I am sore this morning!! I've been slacking off on my strength work during the last month and I'm bored with my usual routine so for the month of June I'm going to do the Women's Health Beach Body workout that I linked above two days a week and another routine I found (can't remember what it's called) on two other days a week.
Anyways, so I did that strength routine yesterday afternoon and it left me feeling pretty sore this morning. I got up at my usual time but felt a little overwhelmed with trying to get things done before we leave for Atlantic City tomorrow plus I have a busy workday ahead. I just wasn't feeling running this morning. And since this is my easy running week (AKA, I'm only running when I want and running the distances I want) I decided to spend the extra time this morning and get a few things done around the apartment instead of running. I plan on leaving early for work and getting off a few subway stops early and walking ~20 minutes to work.
I probably won't get a chance to post again before our trip so have a great weekend everyone!!


Fatinah said...

awesome pics!

Fatinah said...
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Juice said...

Awesome pics! Have a great trip. :)

Cara said...

wow you are rocking! i am mega impressed!

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Sorry for the confusion, can you please update your link? Thanks! :)