Monday, December 29, 2008


My sister's coming into town for a few days and I'm sorting through some relationship/career decisions right now so I'm going to be MIA for at least the next week. I'd like to tell you all about what's going on in my head but there are some cards I need to play close to the chest for the moment. My Christmas was, quite frankly, one of the worst I've ever had. Nothing horrible happened but there was nothing special about Christmas this year. I'll be back soon. ~Marissa

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feelin' better

So much better today. Yesterday was just one of those Jonah days to quote Anne Shirley and yep, I watched that yesterday afternoon. Best purchase ever, by the way.

Thanks for the encouragement yesterday. I always have an emotional breakdown around the holidays and yesterday I was tired which never helps. After going home and chilling out, I felt so much better. It's been so long since I've chillaxed like that and I forgot how much I need to do that from time to time.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dam of Tears

Glad I make sense to you guys even when I don't make sense to myself!! Lol.

I'm having a tough day girls. I'm missing my family a lot right now. Even though my sister is coming out in just 13 days, I'm having a hard time getting excited about Christmas since I won't be with my family. Stephen and I don't buy gifts for each other so I'll have nothing to unwrap but it's not just the presents, it's the not being there. Last Christmas we weren't there since we went to South Dakota to see Stephen's mom. I haven't gone back for Thanksgiving in a few years (mainly because I don't get the Friday after off and flying around then is even worse than flying around Christmas). We decided this year to not go anywhere for Christmas and just do our own thing which will be nice but I can't help wishing I was with my family.

This time of year is always hard for me because it's when I miss my grandpa the most. Holidays were always so much fun when grandpa was alive...he was always smiling and laughing. I think what I miss the most isn't necessarily holidays with the family but holidays with the family when grandpa was alive.

I'm trying to just look forward to seeing my sis and be excited about that but it hit me this morning how homesick I am to see my family. And it doesn't help that the weather has been gloomy and rainy the last two days and is supposed to stay that way for several more.

As soon as I started typing this post, I started crying. I've been doing so well at holding back these emotions but once I put the tiny hole in the dam, the water just came pouring out...and I even spent extra time doing my eye liner and shadow this morning.

It's obvious I need a mental health day so I'm going to leave work (after only being here an hour), go home and maybe go to a movie that Stephen doesn't want to see or get a mani/pedi or hang out at home watching Anne of Green Gables...just do something for myself today.

I know this has nothing to do with exercise or weight loss but one thing I know is that mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More new apartment love!

After the half marathon was over, I started going to the gym in our apartment in the mornings instead of coming to work super early. At our old apartment, Stephen and I had to go to the Metro together (since we had to drive) and coordinate leaving times in the evenings. Since our new apartment is only 2 blocks from the Metro, we can have our individual schedules much easier. Anyways, I've been going to the gym in the mornings and then getting ready for work at home...Stephen gets up at 5 and goes straight to the gym at his work since he likes that gym better. I am enjoying this schedule so much more than the schedule at the old apartment. I like it because I can get ready for work at home and enjoy my breakfast and do dishes, laundry, picking up, etc. in the morning. At the old apartment, we would get up and change and be out the door in 15 minutes. I would get to work, have a small snack, head out and run, shower and get ready for work at work in the locker room, and then have my breakfast at my desk.

Now I eat my breakfast more leisurely plus I've been able to have things like toast and eggs...when I would eat breakfast at work I pretty much ate oatmeal every day because we only have a microwave in the kitchenette. And I can drink my coffee at home instead of trying to drink it out of a travel cup on the Metro. This time in the morning when it's just me getting ready for the day has quickly become "my" time. Stephen's not there so I can listen to whatever music I want while getting ready. I can take time fixing my hair and doing my makeup and not feel like I should be at my desk. I can get dishes done or laundry folded instead of waiting until the evening. I really feel like this time in the morning helps center me and I feel less frazzled or stressed throughout the day.

Utilizing the gym in the morning has another pleasant perk...since I don't like running on a treadmill, I've had a few days where I've gotten in two in the morning in the gym and a run midday while at work. Since it's cooler outside and I've been doing shorter distances after the half, I've been able to get away with not showering after my run and just re-deodorizing and spraying some body spray. Not sure how this will work when I'm actually sweaty and need a shower but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Anyhoo, I'm really excited by this change in my schedule!! Don't know that it's very interesting to hear about but I was so excited by it this morning I just had to share!!

Also, my apologies if this post doesn't make much sense...I'm not feeling too awake yet (its the cloudy weather) and formulating understandable thoughts has been difficult...time for some more coffee or tea!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Errands, errands, errands!

Did I even have a weekend? Geez, we had a lot of errands to run this weekend...moving one weekend and then going on a trip the next weekend leaves a lot of errand-running for the 3rd weekend. Saturday we headed to the outlet mall for Xmas presents and Costco to stock up on meat...while stopped in the left turning lane I got rear ended by a high school girl not paying attention. It just dented my fender but I was still pissed b/c this is my 2nd accident in 8 months and neither one was my fault at all. We were all okay but now I have to find the time to take my vehicle to get an estimate on the damage. Pain in the rear.

After that ordeal, we went to the mall and Costco. I was looking for a movie for my sis's Xmas present at Costco and found the "Anne of Green Gables" trilogy on DVD for my own Xmas present!! It was $25 less than anywhere else I've seen it, including online. Ahhh, I love those movies!!!

Sunday we ran more errands, grocery store and the Container Store this time. Yesterday afternoon we spent putting together a new office chair and organizing our closet better...well, I organized my side better, I needed shoe racks and dividers...Stephen's had his side organized since we moved. I also made our Christmas cards (we only have 10 people we send cards to) and got presents ready to be mailed. I'm just waiting on some pictures to be printed (which I should be able to pick up today) and then I'll make my trek to the post office to mail cards and presents.

While we were in Vegas, my sister and her husband decided to come to DC for New Year's!!! I've been missing my family a lot lately and we're not going anywhere for Christmas so it's perfect. The 4 of us (me, Stephen, Ash, and Elliott) are going to have our own Christmas celebration on New Year's day so I bought stockings for them. We were just going to get both of them gift cards but since they'll be here we're doing gift cards and something to actually open. I still have to get a few more stocking stuffers (for them and Stephen's). I'm so excited to see my sis!!! I miss her so much!! She's had a rough couple of months...they did IUI right before Thanksgiving and she found out a week ago that it didn't work. Now they have to wait so many weeks before trying again. So they decided to plan a trip to DC to give themselves something to look forward to!!

I'm so chatty today...I still have things I want to talk about but this is already long enough and I should do some work now.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Long Overdue Marathon Recap

This is not my favorite picture at all but Delete Happy Stephen deleted my favorite picture of me after finishing the half.

I was so incredibly nervous the morning of the half. During the night, I woke up every hour or half hour to check the clock and make sure I hadn't overslept. I woke up at 4:30, changed into my running clothes, and headed downstairs to Starbucks for oatmeal and coffee. We were staying at the Luxor and while there are 3 Starbucks there, only one is open before 8 am. The Luxor was also one of the marathon hotels...there was a massive line of at least 30 people. I realized that by the time I got my coffee and oatmeal I would have no time to digest it before the race started so I went back upstairs to the room and had an instant oatmeal packet with peanut butter and coffee made with hot tap water and a coffee bag. (Whenever we travel I always take a few instant oatmeal packets, travel containers of peanut butter, and coffee bags just in case.) While it wasn't the best oatmeal or coffee, it did give me the fuel and energy I needed.

The race was starting from behind Mandalay Bay (which is right next to the Luxor). Stephen walked with me part of the way to the start line (there was a lot of congestion closer to the start line so he went back to the room). He was trying to talk to me and ask me questions but I was so nervous I was nearly in tears...just typing about how nervous I was makes me almost cry still! I made it to the starting line about 10 minutes before the race started. There weren't any pace markers (signs saying "10 minute mile", etc where the participants group themselves according to pace) which I found to be odd so I tried to stay towards the back. When the marathon started fireworks went off for about 10 minutes.

I knew that at the beginning of the race there would be a lot of congestion so I decided the day before to run a few miles without any walk breaks just so I didn't have anyone slam into the back of me. Once I started running I felt really good so I told myself I would run without stopping until the half way point and after that I could do my 4:1's if I wanted to. At Mile 5 I grabbed water and at mile 6 I walked for about 30 seconds so I could text Stephen and let him know where I was. At the halfway point, I was still feeling good so I kept on running. Mile 7--more water. Close to Mile 8 I started feeling like I needed to go to the bathroom. It wasn't urgent but it really hurts to run when you have to pee so I stopped and used the port-a-potty...waiting in line, etc. took 8 minutes. At Mile 9 I grabbed Gatorade. When I hit Mile 10 I really started to feel fatigued so I started doing 4:1's until Mile 12. I took a short walk break (~1 minute) somewhere between Miles 12 and 13. After that break, I ran the rest of the way. Near the finish line, there were lots of people cheering and I almost cried again. Once I saw the finish line, I just ran as fast as I could. Stephen had sent me a text saying that he was near the finish line so I looked and looked for him as I was running but never saw him and he never saw me finish which he was really upset about.

In the finishing corral, I grabbed my medal, couple of bottles of water, a Gatorade, and 2 cookies. Then I tried to find Stephen...finally we met up and he took some pictures of me with my medal. We headed back to the room. I left Stephen at the Sports Book at Mandalay Bay and I went to take a shower. After showering I met up with Stephen and we watched some Sunday football. About 2 hours after being there, I was extremely tired so we went back to the room and I slept for an hour or so and woke up feeling fantastic. My legs were sore the next day but only when I had been sitting for a while.

I can't wait to do it again!! I'm deciding which race I want to do next and what length. I'm so addicted now!!

Official Stats
Chip Time--2:48:08
Clock Time--2:54:19
Division (Females 24-29)--548/940
Age Grade--80.5%
*The "out of" number includes both marathon and half marathon participants. There isn't information about how I did compared to just half marathon participants.

Also, does anyone know what the "Age Grade" means? I've googled it with no luck.

I haven't gone on a run since the half but I've been getting up early to use the elliptical. I planned on running today at lunch but it's pouring outside and tomorrow doesn't look much better.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I'll write a longer post later this week but I just wanted to let you all know that I finished the half marathon yesterday morning with an official time of 2:48:08!! My whole goal was to finish but I placed myself at finishing around 3 hours so I'm happy that it was 2:48!! Anyways, I'll write a more detailed recap later this week along with some pictures of Las Vegas but I wanted to let you all know!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Moving and Las Vegas

Hey beautiful peeps! We got moved over the weekend and can I just tell you how much I LOVE our new apartment. Having an actual bedroom is awesome!! The washer and dryer is fantastic!! And, one of the best parts, my commute to and from work is only 40 minutes one way compared to the 65 minutes it used to be!!! Awesomeness!!

Tomorrow we leave for Vegas!! (It's an exciting two weeks in MarissaLand.) I didn't get to do my final long run this past weekend...the one day I had free from moving obligations or waiting for cable/internet people was Sunday and it poured all day. But I've got 4 runs of 10+ miles under my belt so I'm not too worried. This morning I started thinking about how slow I am and how long it's going to take me. (This thought process started when I had a dream last night that I was being chased by several people who wanted to hurt/kill me and I was too slow when I was running.) I made the decision to stop thinking like that...who cares how long it takes me? I'm running 13 miles for gosh sake...I can go as slow as I want. I don't have a time entire goal is to finish the race. I have to stop being so hard on myself and realize how much of a rockstar I am for having the courage to do this. I'll start running at 6 am Las Vegas time on Sunday so if you think of it, send me some encouraging and uplifting vibes.

Alright, well I've got some work stuff that has to be done before I leave today. I'm behind on all of your blogs and probably won't catch up until after Las Vegas. :( I'll "talk" to ya'll in about a week!