Monday, December 15, 2008

Errands, errands, errands!

Did I even have a weekend? Geez, we had a lot of errands to run this weekend...moving one weekend and then going on a trip the next weekend leaves a lot of errand-running for the 3rd weekend. Saturday we headed to the outlet mall for Xmas presents and Costco to stock up on meat...while stopped in the left turning lane I got rear ended by a high school girl not paying attention. It just dented my fender but I was still pissed b/c this is my 2nd accident in 8 months and neither one was my fault at all. We were all okay but now I have to find the time to take my vehicle to get an estimate on the damage. Pain in the rear.

After that ordeal, we went to the mall and Costco. I was looking for a movie for my sis's Xmas present at Costco and found the "Anne of Green Gables" trilogy on DVD for my own Xmas present!! It was $25 less than anywhere else I've seen it, including online. Ahhh, I love those movies!!!

Sunday we ran more errands, grocery store and the Container Store this time. Yesterday afternoon we spent putting together a new office chair and organizing our closet better...well, I organized my side better, I needed shoe racks and dividers...Stephen's had his side organized since we moved. I also made our Christmas cards (we only have 10 people we send cards to) and got presents ready to be mailed. I'm just waiting on some pictures to be printed (which I should be able to pick up today) and then I'll make my trek to the post office to mail cards and presents.

While we were in Vegas, my sister and her husband decided to come to DC for New Year's!!! I've been missing my family a lot lately and we're not going anywhere for Christmas so it's perfect. The 4 of us (me, Stephen, Ash, and Elliott) are going to have our own Christmas celebration on New Year's day so I bought stockings for them. We were just going to get both of them gift cards but since they'll be here we're doing gift cards and something to actually open. I still have to get a few more stocking stuffers (for them and Stephen's). I'm so excited to see my sis!!! I miss her so much!! She's had a rough couple of months...they did IUI right before Thanksgiving and she found out a week ago that it didn't work. Now they have to wait so many weeks before trying again. So they decided to plan a trip to DC to give themselves something to look forward to!!

I'm so chatty today...I still have things I want to talk about but this is already long enough and I should do some work now.


Lynn said...

Sorry to hear that you got rear-ended, but glad you're ok. Accidents can be such a pain.

Sara said...

Accidents blow!

Anne of Green Gables is awesome - I love those movies so much!!!

I hope the trip is great for your sis, I can only imagine the roller coaster they are on right now!