Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bullet List Update

Didn’t mean to go off and leave you all hanging. Life has just gotten in the way lately. Here’s a bulleted list of what’s been going on with me (well, I was going to do bullets but blogger does not like them right now so imagine bullet points in front of each of the following paragraphs):

Work is pretty busy. Besides my usual responsibilities, I’ve been put on a literature review panel so I’m up to my eyeballs in academic papers and books (but it’s for an industry that I find extremely fascinating so I’m mostly enjoying it).

Stephen is out of town this week. I always feel a little off when he’s gone…like there’s no structure to my life. He’ll be back in a couple of days so I can make it until then.

I’ve signed up for the Baltimore Marathon in October!! After my 15 mile run this weekend, I bit the bullet and registered. I’m so excited!

So supremely jealous of the Canadian girls getting together last weekend in Toronto…like really, really jealous.

It’s just hit me in the last couple of weeks how sad I am that Stephen and I won’t be going to Canada this year (his family has a cabin in Ontario). I’ve only been the last two years (compared with Stephen’s 15 years) but I still feel so sad and I’m missing the relaxed atmosphere and being able to jump into the lake anytime I want and the boats and the waterskiing and pretty much everything besides the family drama that we got into last year.

I’ve read some really great books lately but want to do more thorough reviews. I’m in the middle of “Master Your Metabolism” and I’m finding it very interesting.

I’ve got an exciting announcement to make soon. Still working out the details but hopefully I’ll be able to say something in the next week.


Anonymous said...

Whoohoo for the Marathon!! So exciting!!!

I read Master Your Metabolism awhile ago and thought it was great, a real eye opener.

Can't wait to hear your announcement.

Jen said...

You are a super busy girl!!!!!

Don't be jealous!!! EVERYBODY was there in spirit!!!!

I'm sad for you that you don't get to go to's a beautiful place, I know you enjoy it!!!!

I can't wait to hear your announcement!!!
I have missed you!!!!

Fatinah said...

* I can't believe you signed up for a marathon!
* I'm SO jealous of all those girls also!
* I'm sorry you're going to miss out on the cabin
* I can't wait to hear your news!
* Bullets are fun!!

Juice said...

wow - the marathon! Good for you!

Can't wait to hear your news. :)