Thursday, September 27, 2007

October Goals

My goals for the month of October:

1) Finish business school applications. Some are due in mid-October and others aren't due for a while but I just want to be done.

2) Exercise for 1860 minutes (31 days x 60 minutes of exercise a day = 1860 minutes). I realize this is a large amount but when I workout, it's usually for 90 minutes so 1860 minutes / 90 minutes = almost 21 workouts, leaving me with 10 days of rest.

3) Count calories for all days (including weekends) and stay with an average of 1800 calories/day.

4) Follow budget! This will be difficult as I have two, possibly three, trips planned for October.

I may have some more but these are the most important. So why am I waiting until October to begin these goals? Being a little OCD, I always like things to start at the beginning of the month, week, etc. Plus, I'm in the middle of writing application essays, which are stressing me out a little, and giving myself a few days to "psych" up for October.

Let me just say this: I haven't worked out or ran in several days and yesterday as I was walking to the Metro stop, I wanted to break out in a run so bad. My legs were aching to be used. Perhaps I'll post my reasons for starting a blog/what I hope to gain from the experience later.

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