Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lazy Saturday

The title describes it all! I have had a very good, lazy Saturday. Woke up this morning and it was a little to have some great snuggle time and breakfast with my honey. Then we headed to an outlet mall and scored some great deals. I got brown pants and a pretty dark teal light sweater (both 30% off) at Gap which looks awesome with my skin tone. I also got two pairs of flats at Nine West (buy one, get one 50% off), one a brown suede and the other a brown/camel quilted suede--it looks kind of like a cute sneaker but nicer. We spent about an hour, or more, in Brooks Brothers as S was looking for some weekend, casual clothes that are still nice looking. He finally found a few things but he sure is picky about his clothes for a guy!! He always looks really nice and well put together so the extra thought is worth it. We ate lunch at On the Border and I enjoyed the food. Came home, did some laundry and watching football. I caught a quick nap while the clothes were in the dryer and now S is taking a why do I still have the tv on football? I can totally change it! I need to scrub the tub and plan dinners for next week, as well as make a grocery list but other than that, I'm going to enjoy the downtime. I might play some Sims 2 while S sleeps.

Later gator!

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