Friday, March 27, 2009

Sweaty Sleeper

So glad it’s Friday!! I haven’t worked a 5 day week in a long time (probably way back in September or October)! I’m not feeling too tired this morning but that’s because I slept in until 6 and didn’t do my workout this morning. I plan on getting a short one in after work. This was definitely one of those mornings where I needed the extra sleep versus getting in a workout first thing.

I’ve been sleeping weird this week and what I mean by that is I’m getting really sweaty in the night. I’ll be cold when I go to bed but then at some point I must get hot and I start sweating like crazy. And for some reason, I’m not kicking the covers off or anything. I just sleep until I turn over and my clothes, sheets, pillow, and hair are all sweaty. It feels gross turning over so I wake up. And then I get cold because I’m all wet. And it’s this cycle that goes on all night. It’s so weird…I don’t know if I’m running a low grade fever or if it’s hormonal or what’s going on but hopefully, it stops soon because I’m getting tired of washing the sheets, pillowcases, and my jammies every day.

Anyways, not too many plans for the weekend…I do have a 7 miler at some point and there are two festivals (kite and cherry blossom) going on downtown so depending on the weather we may check those out.

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Juice said...

I went through a period where this was happening a lot. I even asked my doctor about it and he promised it was not perimenopause (yet). Then I read something about how it could be a vitamin deficiency. I started taking a good women's multivitamin again and it helped a lot. Hope you find some relief!