Monday, March 30, 2009

Walks and the first Long Run

Did I even have a weekend? It sure doesn’t feel like it.

Saturday morning I got up and went out for my planned long run (7 miles this week). When I first walked out the door, it was raining pretty hard. And as hardcore as I like to think I am, running my first long run of the season in a downpour was not going to happen. So I went back upstairs and checked the radar which showed the rain should be clearing off in about 30 minutes. I put together our menus for this week and the grocery list…by that time, the rain had cleared off a bit. It was still drizzly/rainy but not a downpour. And off I went. (My secret for running in drizzle/light rain is wearing a baseball cap…it keeps the moisture off your face.)

I used my hydration belt with 1 bottle of water and 1 bottle of Gatorade (each bottle is 10 oz.). Each bottle had about 2 oz left when I got home. I also took along a package of Luna Sport Moons but didn’t end up consuming them. Pre run snack was a Clif Z bar and a cereal bar. (Sorry…you guys probably don’t care all that much about my fueling pre and during run but I’m using the blog as a way to keep tabs on this stuff so I know what works for me.)

Other than running, we watched basketball (stupid University of Oklahoma lost!!! Woohoo!!! That makes me happy!!) and did our usual weekend errands. We went suit shopping for Stephen and found a few that he purchased.

I’ve started going out for walks during the day. I’m aiming for 2 15 minute walks for my morning and afternoon breaks and then a 30 minute walk for lunchtime (I eat at my desk while working). I’ve also been taking the stairs to my 5th floor office when I come back from my walks. I’m using these walks as a way to explore the area where my office is (it’s on the other side of DC compared to my old office building). Plus my eyes feel so much better when I take my walk breaks…staring at a computer all day really gives me a headache. It’s just a small way to try and sneak in a little extra activity!


Sparky said...

Extra walking definately is a bonus! Good job.

Amy said...

I care about your fueling! :)