Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's Things to Love

1) Thursdays that are Fridays because of an alternate work schedule.
2) Foam Rolling! Hurts when I'm doing it but feels sooo good after. (What is foam rolling? Click here.)
3) Having a friend at work. Kate (a girl in my section) and I have really hit it off. We both like to run and read similar books, among other things.
4) My officemate taking the day off. It's so quiet in here!! A nice change from the usual random chatter I typically listen to all day long.
5) Having a few containers of flowers, herbs, and tomatoes on the balcony. They look so pretty and make our apartment feel more home-y.

What things are you loving today??


SeaBreeze said...

Volunteer opportunities at music festivals. Interviews where you leave feeling on top of the world. Sunshine. Slushees. Salads with Sunflower Seeds. Running sessions in the running skirt once more.

Lynn said...

I LOVE this post, it's SO positive!

I'm glad that you're feeling awesome, it's nice to have someone at work that you get along well with.

Juice said...

Love this post - I may need to copy it. :)

Having a work friend can make such a HUGE difference in your quality of life. So glad for you!!!