Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sometimes, the first step is the hardest

I went for my run yesterday even though I didn't feel like going. And you know what? I felt a million times better after my run and was so glad I went!! It was so much cooler outside and it felt amazing. I did let myself walk about 1/3 of it but that was because I wanted to enjoy the cooler temperatures!! I've got a 7 mile run planned for today and I'm thinking I will run the entire thing (or at least try my darnedest).

Last night we ended up ordering pizza for dinner b/c neither one of us felt like pork chops. But I did so well...I only ate 2 slices and stayed within my calorie total for the day. But then Stephen wanted cookies so I made some oatmeal cookies for him and was doing so well resisting temptation until about 9 and then I had two. Which put me over my calorie total. It's okay though, no big deal. I am proud of myself for only having two slices of pizza and making us salads to eat with our pizza. I am proud of myself for only having two cookies when I could have easily eaten more.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow. I'm getting my pedicure, manicure, and eyebrow wax that I set up as a reward for my 8 day restart thing. I haven't been perfect but I've been pretty darn close and I deserve this reward. Ahhh, I love when they massage your calves as part of the pedicure...

Today's Plan:
Activity: 7 mile run at lunch
Breakfast: Greek yogurt with jelly stirred in, 2 slices Ezekiel bread, fruit mix of mango, kiwi and pear
Mid-morning Snack: banana, Clif Z bar?
Lunch: Red bell pepper strips, green beans, Turkey and cheddar wrap
Afternoon snack: Popcorn
Snack during class: granola bar or Cheerios
After class: Small bowl of cereal at home if I'm hungry before bed


totegirl said...

Ooh, I am so jealous! I need a pedicure pretty badly. I have a gift certificate for one, but the place is 25 miles north of my house, and it's not open on Sundays. Talk about not convenient!

Great job on the run! You are kicking my butt, and I commend you heartily for it!

Jen said...

That is awesome!!! I always find it amazing when people say they have pizza and only eat one yeah, if that were me I would PIG OUT!!! 2 slices is an AWESOME victory...and that same goes for 2 cookies!!!!

OOH, I NEED some pampering...all you ladies getting pedicures...I am so jealous!

Lynn said...

Hope you had a good time at the Spa!! Your doing such a fantastic job with the running!

SeaBreeze said...

Pedicure's might just be the single greatest thing ever. Enjoy!

Cat_82 said...

I think it's great that you only had the two slices. You're SO strong!!!

Enjoy your pedicure!

Sparky said...

yay for doing runs when you don't feel like it. That the stuff that makes you reach your goals!