Monday, June 30, 2008

Ugh, it's Monday

Really, I don't know what my deal is lately but I just feel tired and unmotivated to even come to work. I'm very excited to get my alone time in about 2 1/2 weeks and then go on vacation for 3 1/2 weeks!! We did hear some disappointing news about our vacation this weekend. Stephen's family owns a cabin in Ontario (on Clearwater Lake) and that's where we're going for vacation. Both Stephen's dad and his aunt own the cabin and property. Last summer when we went up Stephen's aunt and her family weren't there (they came up at a different time). This summer they will be there and their 3 kids are all bringing a friend which puts 11 people up there for 3 weeks (his aunt's family is coming up to the cabin the day after I get there). It's going to be an organizational nightmare. Meals, using boats and skis, sleeping's literally going to be a mess.

The original plan Stephen's aunt's family had was that they were going to be up there through the first week of August...they were going to be there until August 7. We found out yesterday that they are now planning on being there until August 15...the day before we leave. So, yeah, they're going to be there the ENTIRE time I'm there. It ticks me off because Stephen and I decided to go up later this year than we did last year and when we asked everyone back in January/February when we were getting our plane tickets, his aunt's family wasn't going to be up there. And now they are going to be there the ENTIRE time. Obviously, we can't really say anything because it's just as much their cabin as it is Stephen's dad but it's extremely frustrating. Being up there with that many people kind of ruins the whole experience in my opinion (although I've never been there with that many people...but last year was enough of a pain with 7 people there at once). So very, very frustrating. Oh well, nothing I can do but try to be an optimist and say it will be fun.

Today's Plan:
Activity: Run at lunch, 15 minutes yoga
Breakfast: Oatmeal with banana, cinnamon, brown sugar, flax seed, and 1 Tbsp cinnamon raisin PB
Snack: Fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peach)
Lunch: Salad with 1 hard-boiled egg and honey mustard dressing, Kashi crackers, greek yogurt
Dinner: Teriyaki Pork and Pineapple, Brown Rice, Asparagus
If needed: Kashi GoLean Cookies & Cream bar


totegirl said...

Dude, that's so lame! Maybe they'll all get tired of being up each other's butts and they'll leave by 8/7. Or, maybe you and Stephen can get a tent and camp on the property! I'm sorry about that.

As for being unmotivated to go to work? Yeah, how's that job search going? Don't forget that you deserve to like, if not LOVE, your job. We spend so much time at work that we shouldn't stay somewhere that kills our soul!

Have a quick Monday!

Cat_82 said...

Ugh! Yeah, I can totally see that not being enjoyable with so many people! I'm going up to a girlfriends cabin the weekend of July 12th, and there will be lots of people there too.....I much prefer the calmer, more relaxed weekends. try to have fun though!!

Heather said...

3 1/2 weeks vacation!!! One can only

I say that so many ppl will inspire you to get in tons of activity! Nothing like a long hike on a sunny day :)

I feel for you about your job, before going back to school this tme around and finally being on a career path I love I was in 2 jobs I loathed for three years...

but chin up, alone time and vacation just a few short weeks away