Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's been so long!'s been so long since I've posted!! The conference went really well and ran smoothly. I was told by a couple of people that it was the smoothest-running conference they'd ever been to. Then Tuesday was a holiday so I used some comp hours on Monday and had a 4 day weekend! We didn't really do anything too exciting though...just watched some DVDs and went shopping. My working out/eating was not so good but I'm working on making that better. My half is in 24 days and I need to be properly fueled and trained!!

Well, I've got an after action report to write about the conference so I should get that done and over with!

Today's Plan:
Activity: 3 mile run, 2.5 mile walk this morning
Pre-Workout: 2 tbsp creamer in coffee, Clif bar
Breakfast: 1 cup egg beaters with green peppers, 1 banana
Lunch: Turkey and hummus sandwich, baggie of veggies, yogurt with pomengranate seeds, another banana
Dinner: leftovers--me thinks cheese quesadilla, salad, rice and beans


SeaBreeze said...

Wow. That snuck up fast. I didn't realize your 1/2 was so soon. Good luck with training.

Sara said...

24 days left - hot dayum!!

Glad to hear the conference went well!