Friday, November 21, 2008

Something Quick

I'm working from home today...I had a very rough day at work yesterday. Everything was going well until my performace evaluation in the afternoon. I was blindsided with the fact that I'm not getting promoted or getting a raise...I had been led to believe that I was going to get both. I was (and am) extremely upset so I'm taking the weekend to gather my thoughts and then I'm going in to see my boss on Monday. There are several discrepancies between this year's evaluation and the last two years' and I have a lot of questions and concerns about some things that could be going into my permanent personnel file. I'll talk more about it Monday but right now I"m upset and I'm trying not to focus too much on it.


Jen said...

Take the weekend to mull things over...if you want to talk it out on here, there are a LOT of people who will listen (myself included)...

I am really sorry to hear that though!

Sara said...

Also to do this weekend - go through all the positive things you have done this year. What you have done for the company. Think about times where your boss (or even his boss) complimented your work.

Even think about times where you made a mistake or something negative was brought to your attention and then talk about how you used that criticism to get better and then back it up with an example.

It is hard but try not to bring emotions to the table and just let your good work shine.

I have to fight every year for a raise and to tell you the truth it has worked 75% (4 times I've fought) and it didn't once when they were just dead set against a raise, but at least you will know you did everything in your power to get what you deserve!

SeaBreeze said...

Oh, Marissa. :( I had a day like that yesterday with a midterm I got back from school. Take the weekend to relax and really focus on you. I like to write out everything I'm feeling and then come back to it later. It helps get it out so I can be more objective, just a thought.

paintyourperfectday said...

Hi, I'm new to blogspot, and I just happened to stumble upon your blog. I've really enjoyed what I've read so far. You are doing a great job and are really inspirational! Good luck! :)