Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday's Things to Love

1) This is my 200th post!!

2) Sara posted about this the other day but it's a fantastic site!! Essentially, your workouts raise money for different causes. Awesome!

3) Quantum of Solace. We went to see it yesterday afternoon. I love me some Daniel Craig! Stephen almost made me change seats so I wasn't sitting next to him because apparently, I kept sighing when Bond was on the screen. But the movie itself is really good...both Stephen and I liked it. We snuck in a bottle of wine (with a screwtop) and the movie wasn't crowded at all.

4) Taylor Swift's new album, Fearless. Her songs are very girly but I love them.

5) The Body Shop's Body Butter. My skin gets so dry in the winter and this is the only thing that keeps it feeling soft plus they smell amazing!

6) Running...but you guys already knew that!!

No menu today...I've got a weird attitude towards food right now (nothing sounds good at all).


SeaBreeze said...

I totally have days like that when nothing sounds like it'd be appealing. I search and search the grocery store, but leave empty handed.

Sara said...

Glad you are using the site!! Not too much into Taylor Swift - not really a country girl but wow did she sell a ton of records!! I love Body Butter and want to see Bond!!

Happy 200th!!

Jen said...

I LOVED Quantum of Solace!!!! I also love that you brought wine to the movies!!!!