Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keepin' Busy

So my weekend was good. I did get a little lonely on Sunday after Stephen left but I've been keeping myself busy so I have less time to think about how much I miss him. I dropped him at the airport around 6 on Sunday morning and headed directly to the grocery store for this week's shop. I was a little nervous because I could only spend $40 but I'm proud to say that I was successful!! In fact, I had a little extra money leftover and bought a small candle to enjoy. Here's what I got for $40 (it's almost all veggies that Stephen won't eat):

1 spaghetti squash
3 zucchini
3 yellow squash
2 cucumbers
3 green peppers
2 containers of grape tomatoes
3 lbs. bananas
1 eggplant
1 sweet potato
6 limes
1 bag spinach
1 bag romaine hearts
2 cans diced tomatoes
1 box whole wheat penne
1 small package of coffee (just enough to get me through this week)
1 small package of Newman's Own Peanut Butter Cups (to eat while watching TV Sunday night)
1 pizza crust mix package
1 apple cinnamon scone for Sunday breakfast
4 bottles of Diet Tonic Water (love this mixed with fresh lime juice)
Plus the already mentioned apple cinnamon candle

I was so proud of myself for only spending $40 and I bought all healthy foods (besides the peanut butter cups). One reason I was able to get away with not spending very much is that I didn't purchase any meat. This week I'm using up the shrimp and fish I have in the freezer. But I am looking forward to getting some different fish to try while Stephen's gone. It's good sometimes for me to have a set dollar amount I can spend when I go to the grocery store...I find that I end up getting a lot of veggies and then I "experiment" a bit in the kitchen to use them all up before they spoil.

On a different note, is anyone else ready for fall?? I'm making myself wear my summer clothes and shoes as much as possible right now but I love fall and I'm ready for the weather to be a bit cooler. I love fall so much!! I love the colors (oranges, deep reds, dark greens) of the leaves and the clothes. I love the smell of pumpkins, apples, cloves, and cinnamon. I'm ready for long sleeve shirts and scarves. Sigh, I'm ready for fall....which is why the candle I purchased was an apple cinnamon scent. It'll come soon enough, I should just enjoy the weather we have now.

I am proud to say that I worked out Sunday. I went after I got back from the grocery store. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, various strength machines, and a 30 minute yoga DVD once I got back to the apartment. Yesterday I went for an hour long bike ride...I didn't want to go too far from the apartment in the event that I had some sort of mechanical problem and had to walk back but I basically did a big loop on various trails. Today I walked to the subway this morning (instead of taking the shuttle, about 1 mile) and I plan on running 5.5 miles at lunch, walking home from the subway, taking another bike ride, and doing total body strength work. See, I'm keeping myself busy...plus all the exercise makes me exhausted and I don't have trouble sleeping like I usually do when Stephen's not there.

Well, I think I've rambled enough for today. Don't forget to check out a few pictures below!! I was having trouble posting the pictures so I only got 3 up but I'll post more tonight.


Bi0nicw0man said...

Do I see the ingredients for a roasted veggie pizza in there? Yum! You'll have to tell us what yummy things you come up with.

Sounds like you are doing great so far. Keep it up!

Jen said...

Wow!! that is a LOT of stuff for $40!! Fantastic job girl!!!

*sigh* sadly I am a fall lover too!!! I am actually getting tired of summer, but then I won't want fall to end either...
I love pants and cozy tops, rich colors and scarves...I like my boots (fancy ones, not snow ones) and velvet shoes and what not that I only wear in the fall...I LOVE the trees and I agree, the smells...I love thanksgiving and halloween...*sigh* soon it will come...but then it will leave again quickly (or at least it will here...)

Sparky said...

Woweee. You would definately get an A+ if that were a test in Home Ec. Do they still have Home Ec in school? Am I just really old and you don't even know what Home Ec is? :)

Lynn said...

You did awesome, all that for $40?!?! WOW!

I'm so ready for fall too, it's my fav time of the year- gorgeous and still a bit warm out!