Monday, February 2, 2009

You know you're an adult when...

Your bed isn't from IKEA and you have a matching bedding set.

We've been wanting to get a new bed for several months and we went looking this weekend. Our original plan was to look this weekend and buy next weekend but we found a bed at 25% of the original price...obviously, we took advantage. Our new mattress and box spring was delivered on Saturday. I sleep so well on our new bed!! It's amazing!! First of all, our old bed was a full and this is a queen...even though it's only a few more inches, those inches make all the difference. Secondly, our new bed has a very nice plush top which forms to my back and really helps.

We ordered the bedding last week (we knew we were going to get a queen and we found a bedding set we both liked). Here's our bedding set:

It wasn't my absolute favorite bedding set but it's masculine enough for Stephen and it's neutral enough to serve us for a long time. And the island theme goes well with all of the Puerto Rico pics we have up in our bedroom.

Just like most people, we watched the Super Bowl last night. Well, we watched part of it...I kind of wanted Arizona to win just because they were such underdogs. We started a pot of chili yesterday morning before we left for errands. We tried a recipe for Chili with Chipotle and Chocolate instead of our usual recipe. Verdict: It was good...not the best chili but definitely has different flavors than the usual. And the Super Bowl ads were so disappointing...there wasn't a single one I thought was even close to funny.

Stephen had a hair cut appointment yesterday afternoon at the mall so while he was getting handsomer I got to go play at Sephora!! I love going in there and playing with makeup...of course Stephen hates it so I enjoyed the opportunity of him being entertained. I ended up with some new nail polish (new top coat, new pink and white for french manis/pedis) and a chocolate brown color. Of course, I painted my nails last night with the brown. Only in the last year have I gotten in to painting my nails anything besides clear or pale pink. I have a deep purple and a navy that I really like for my fingernails along with more vibrant pinks and reds for my toesies. Anyhoo, I really like the brown. It's not as dark as navy and it's more unexpected than black. I also picked up a new lip gloss that's a deep purple, new eyeshadow, and bubble bath.

I don't have any close girl friends (besides my sis) and since I work with a bunch of guys and live with a guy, I've been feeling not so girly lately. (I've also gotten lazy with my appearance at for 3 years in a place where people wear shorts and flip flops and it starts to rub off on you.) I feel better about myself when I look professional (plus you should always dress for the job you want, not the job you have) and when I spend extra time on my hair and makeup. Playing at Sephora made me feel so girly!!

Random question: Anyone else freaked out by mannequins? The ones that aren't pink or blue don't have any heads. I was noticing yesterday at the mall all the weird mannequins out there. They are so creepy!!


Jen said...

*laughs* you made me giggle, I hate HATE HATE mannequins!!! (actually most innanimate people-like things - like dolls for example)

I LOVE Sephora!! Danny hates it as well, but I love playing around!!! My hands are usually covered by the time I leave because I test EVERYTHING!!!!

I wanted to comment on how great of a job you did the other night at the restaurant!!! I think it's fantastic to start listening to your body!!! I hope one day I do the same!!!

Juice said...

I love me some sephora - I can get lost in all the perfumes! I still have a gift cert to use from Christmas. :)

The bedding is gorgeous. I love chocolate brown. You can accent it with a periwinkle blue or a kicky lime green. So versitile, so stylish. Yay for adult furniture and bedding!

Sara said...

I like Sephora but at the end of the day I'm way too cheap for it!!

Most of my friends are guys (bar my girlfriends I guess) and I know what you mean about feeling girly!