Wednesday, January 28, 2009 snow day. Annoying.

Now to be positive, I had a great victory last night. Stephen wanted to go out to eat for dinner. We almost never go out to eat during the week but he'd been thinking about it all day so out we went. He was wanting a hamburger so we went to bar/brewery type restaurant. Stephen wanted to share an appetizer so we got a cheese dip thing (was supposed to be spinach cheese dip but it was pretty much just a cheese dip) with chips and flatbread to share. It wasn't a huge appetizer at all but after we finished eating it and were going to order our entrees, I realized I wasn't hungry at all. I already had picked out what I wanted to eat but when the waitress came by I didn't order anything. And when Stephen got his food, I ate 3 or 4 croutons off his salad but that was it. No bite of his burger and he even offered to give me half but I just wasn't hungry. Normally I would have ordered something on my own or eaten half of his burger but I'm really trying to listen to my body lately and it was saying that it wasn't hungry. And I didn't get hungry later on in the evening. I did eat a small peanut butter cookie from a batch I was making for work but that was b/c I felt the need for something sweet before going to bed.

I've noticed since I started doing my early morning workouts that during the mornings I'm much hungrier than I am at night. So I've been having a substantial breakfast (with my pre-workout granola bar, close to 600 calories), a 10 am snack (around 200 cals), a substantial lunch (400-500 calories) and then at dinner I've only been eating around 300 calories simply because I'm not that hungry. I also usually have something sweet a couple of hours after dinner for around 200 calories. This seems to be working really well for me. I don't like feeling stuffed when I go to sleep and since I'm burning more calories in the morning (by workouts or running or both) it makes sense to fuel my body the most during those hours. Anyway, just an observation.


Fatinah said...

you listen to your body to know when to stop eating? WTF???

HAHAHA!!! What a great victory indeed!!! I'm impressed, amazed and awestruck!! You rock chicklet!!

Juice said...

Wow - huge victory there! I bet you felt so GOOD about it too. :) Way to go!

Sparky said...

Smart girl! :)