Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally Friday!

So glad its Friday!! And the Friday before a 4 day weekend (living in DC, federal employees get inauguration day off as well as MLK day)!! DC is going to be nuts this weekend. Stephen and I are headed out of town for Saturday and Sunday...its our birthdays (his last weekend, mine this weekend) celebration. Other than that, we have no big plans besides not driving or riding the Metro on inauguration day.

I went for a run yesterday at lunch...let me tell you, there have been few times when I've regretted going for a run and yesterday was one of them. The temperature itself wasn't so bad but the wind was horrendous. I did about 4 miles and called it good. I'm not going today since it's even colder but next week the temps are supposed to be back up to around 30 degrees. I did go to the gym this morning so missing my run isn't a big deal. Plus with all the prep for inauguration going on, the area where I run is going to be filled with barricades and people and vehicles getting ready for Tuesday.


Sara said...

I here you about the cold I think in F it is -22 here right now. I can't stand it - never mind run in it!

Have a great weekend away!!

Lynn said...

Happy long weekend, lucky girl!!