Thursday, January 15, 2009

I did it!

I did it! I ran at lunch yesterday!! However, for the first time since we've lived at our current apartment, I did not get up to workout this morning. I've been incredibly tired this week and needed the extra hour and a half of sleep. I am going to run at lunch again today (and it's even colder than yesterday) and I may try to make it the gym this afternoon/evening to get in some time on the elliptical.

We're having a cookie party tomorrow for someone's last day at work so I'll make a deal with myself that I can only have a cookie tomorrow if I do both my lunchtime run and a 30 minute workout this evening. Alright, it's a deal.

Speaking of cold weather running, I got to open my birthday present from Stephen last week even though my birthday isn't until this Sunday. He wanted me to go ahead and open it so if it was the wrong size we could send it back to exchange. He got me this North Face vest to wear when I'm running! I got the blue color. It's fantastic!! I love how it's got lots of pockets to stash my phone, ID, jelly beans (for long runs), and other stuff in it!! And it fits perfectly! I wanted a vest to wear when running and I would have never spent that kind of money on one for myself so I'm glad Stephen got it for me! So exciting! I've asked for some other running stuff from sister so I hope she listens and gets me the things I've asked for...both her and my mom like to get me knick-knack type stuff and I have nowhere to put that stuff and I'd rather have something I can actually use than something that's going to gather dust.


Fatinah said...

that's a great deal you made with yourself!

Sara said...

good for you for getting out there! And what an awesome prezzie!!

Juice said...

Love the vest! I also don't care for knick knack gifts. Dusting - yuck!