Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Snowing!!

Yep, it's snowing in DC! We've had a few flurries so far this season but this is the first snowfall that is actually sticking to the ground. It's so pretty!! Tonight it's supposed to change to ice/freezing rain so we might get a snow day tomorrow (fingers crossed). If it's just snowing at lunch then I'm going to head out for a run...I love running when it's snowing. It feels like I'm in a snowglobe...love it!!

Enough with the gushing about snow (I'm sure you Canadians think I'm nuts to be so excited over snow)...I did a yoga exercise from our video on demand service this morning. Um, I'm not flexible at all!! All the flexibility I used to have from doing yoga 5 years ago is completely gone. Definitely something to keep working on. The exercise I did was just a 10 minute Morning Yoga routine so it was a lot of good stretching and nothing too strenous. I liked the instructor too. I have a yoga DVD with Denise Austin and I do not like the way she instructs...she tells you what to do after she's already started doing it and then I feel behind. I like it when you get the instructions slightly before the instructor starts doing the moves so you know what's next. Anyways, this morning's yoga was perfect after my time on the elliptical. I still want to do the Shred this week and right now have it planned for Thursday morning but if we have a snow day tomorrow I might do it then.

Well, I'm tired today (Stephen kept getting up during the night which in turn wakes me up) so I think an extra cup of coffee is in order. Off to walk in the snow to Starbucks!! I might even go a little crazy and put some sugar free vanilla syrup into my black coffee to celebrate the snow. Madness I tell ya, absolute madness.


SeaBreeze said...

Strangely, we too got a little bit of snow last night. It only snowed while I was sleeping though, so no snowglobe running for me. :)

Fatinah said...

yoga is just such a great way to stretch it out after a workout. you'll have your flexibility back in no time!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Geeze, you must be the only place left that doesn't have snow yet! :) Enjoy it while it's pretty and still fun!!

We are due for another 6 inches or more tonight...blech...I say blech because we had an ice storm a while ago and everything is covered solid in 3-5 inches of ice so putting snow on top of that is going to be a nightmare.

It does look pretty out my window though!

Heather said...

*scratching head*...hmmm, trying to remember the last time I was excited to see snow???? lol

Maybe when I was 9 or 10? ;)