Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two A Days

It sure is hard to get back into the routine of waking up early when you're used to sleeping in a bit but it feels nice to have lots of things checked off today's to-do list before 9 am!!

I've been doing 2-a-day workouts for a couple of weeks now. I'm not training super hard for anything or doing it to increase my calorie burn. I'm doing it because I enjoy it (crazy I know!!). It started because I want to utilize the gym in my building but don't want to stop running. I could do a routine where I alternate running outside at lunch with using the gym in the mornings but I really crave routine and schedules. I decided (for now anyways) to get up in the mornings and use the gym and then run at lunch. This has worked fantastic so far because we've had rainy, yucky weather lately and I'm not always guaranteed a lunchtime run. Then I don't have to try and squeeze something in during the evening if I don't get to run at lunch since I've already worked out that morning.

I've increased my calories on days that I do 2-a-days. The first week I tried to do 2 workouts a day but keep my calories around 1600 and not surprisingly, that didn't work at all!! I was way too hungry. I've now increased my calories to 2000 on the days I do 2 workouts a day reasoning that I burn 400 calories a workout and don't want my body to go into starvation mode. So far this seems to be working much better.

Anyhoo, Stephen's feeling much better. Still home sick today but I think he's planning on going into work tomorrow. He's almost back to 100%. And I hope I don't get whatever he had.

Well, ladies, I've got a job interview (!!!--first one in 9 months of applying) on Thursday so I've got to do some prep. Good thing is with all the school interviews I just did a few months ago, I feel really prepared already.


SeaBreeze said...

Good luck on your interview.

I love my 2-a-day workouts, also.

Sara said...

What kind of workout do you do in the morning? Any strength training?

Yeah on the interview!! If you want I have a document of interview tips that I can send you - just email me at sarasota@hotmail.com.

Good Luck!

Sparky said...

2 a day? Wow, you are hardcore like Seabreeze :) Sounds like a great idea!