Monday, January 26, 2009

A screen filled weekend

We watched a lot of TV and movies this weekend. Stephen was sick and didn't feel like doing anything (totally understandable) so I rented us a few movies and we watched Netflix. Since Friday morning, here's what we watched:


Rambo--lots of gore, my least favorite of everything

The Cleaner--pretty good, Stephen was not a fan

August--dumb, neither one of us liked it

Bangkok Dangerous--pretty good, my favorite of the 4 rentals


4 episodes of JAG: Season 1

3 episodes of Las Vegas: Season 2

Movie Theatre

Gran Torino--good. In the beginning I didn't think I was going to like it but it is a good movie. Not as good as Slumdog Millionaire which is my absolute favorite so far this year. But Gran Torino is excellent.

TV--lots of random shows and movies...nothing too exciting.

Stephen and I were both so sick of watching a screen that last night we read for an hour instead of watching TV like we usually do. Of course, working out was nonexistent this weekend and my eating wasn't good but that's changing today.

I found out that since we now have digital cable, there are free exercise videos on demand. They even have the Jillian Micheals 30 day Shred that everyone's raving about. I hope to try out Shred and a few of the yoga ones later in the week.

Anyways, that was my boring and uneventful weekend. Hopefully, it's the last sick weekend we have this winter. Off to catch up on ya'lls more exciting weekends...


Sara said...

I had a movie filled weekend too!! I can't believe you get 30 day shred for free - our free on demand exercise vids blow!

Cat_82 said...

Ok I have to see Slumdog! I'ts getting such amazing acclaim and I totally need to see all the Oscar best pictures this year. Last year, I only missed one....

I bought killed me. (As you know...) I'm doing it for the second time tomorrow, and I'm dreading it....but it feels soooo good!