Friday, January 23, 2009


Whew! It's been a while. To catch you up on what I've been doing...last weekend was Stephen and my birthdays celebration. We had a great time being out of town for a couple of days and enjoyed eating at one of our favorite restaurants, Firebirds. On my birthday (Sunday) we ordered breakfast room service (I have always wanted to eat breakfast room service and now I have!), sat in the hot tub and just took our time getting ready and driving back to DC. Traffic was not bad at all...which was a pleasant surprise!

Monday and Tuesday we had off as federal holidays so we hung out. We weren't too productive but it was nice to be able to relax. We actually didn't even watch any of the inauguration stuff...I'm sure Obama is going to be a good president but living in DC for 3 years and hearing about politics 24/7 has made me so apathetic. And I'm sick of people thinking he's going to be a great president because he's black. It is wonderful that we have a president who is not a white male but just because he's black doesn't mean he'll be a good president. I'm waiting to see what he actually accomplishes before calling him a success. Anyways, I get annoyed when fitness/weight loss bloggers get all political so I'll stop there.

Wednesday and Thursday were work as usual. Definitely nothing exciting there. Oh, wait there was something exciting...I got a space heater for my office and let me tell you, it is wonderful!! I'm careful to turn it off and hide it before I leave everyday (since space heaters are prohibited). It is amazing to be able to be at work and not be covered up in blankets, sweaters and scarves!! I love it very much and wish I had been a rule breaker earlier!

Now to today...Stephen's sick (again). He woke up in the middle of the night throwing up and was up about every hour after that. When he wasn't throwing up, I was lying awake waiting for him to start again. I am exhausted. And I'm sure he's even more exhausted. So I stayed home with him today since he couldn't even sit up for two minutes without getting sick...there's no way he could take care of himself. I picked up some movies for him to watch and some soup and Gatorade. He just had the flu 2 weeks ago and here we are again. No idea what's wrong...we've both had flu shots but we're throwing away all of our peanut butter and PB items just in case they're part of the salmonella scare...we checked and they're not but after this second round of stomach stuff, we're just being cautious.

Well, Stephen thinks he keep some food down now so I'm going to make him lunch, scrub our apartment down with bleach to kill those nasty germs, and wash the sheets/bedding.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Oh, and I'm loving Jen and Cat's fashion and beauty posts!! Even more reason to love Fridays!!

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Jen said...

You are absolutely right about Obama...he has a lot to live up to!!!

I am so glad that you like the fashion posts!!!! I should see if Cat wants to do a joint post sometime...we can co-ordinate a look and an outfit! how fun!