Monday, November 26, 2007

Looooong Weekend Wrap-Up

I ended up having a 6 day weekend! Nice! I totally didn't plan it and the original plan was to go to work on Wednesday but the weather was so super fantastic on Wednesday (around 75 degrees and sunny) that both S and I stayed home and played mini golf and walked around Old Town Alexandria. It was such a beautiful day. We got our tree this weekend and decorated's so pretty. We got a live tree but it is so perfect looking it looks like a fake tree!! We had a good Thanksgiving...since it was just the two of us it was low-key and relaxing. Which is excellent b/c from conversations with my sister and mom, things were very tense and argumentative at my grandma's house.

I hadn't planned on doing any shopping on Black Friday or this weekend. But S wanted to go look for some things, and guess what happened, I ended up being the one who bought a whole bunch of stuff. The GAP Outlet had all of their sweaters and t-shirts for 50% off so I got three sweaters and three t-shirts. I finally found some black boots at Aerosoles that I liked (I was specifically looking for certain things in my boots: all the way up my calf, pointy toe--but not too pointy, a good heel--no stilettos or super bulky heels, not too high of a heel, not too masculine looking) and they had a buy one, get one 50% off so I found some green shoes that I love as well. The Tommy Hilfiger outlet had everything 30% off so I got two sweaters and a pair of fleece pants that I love. I also got some new dress socks and boot socks at Goldtoe (20% off). So I got a lot of stuff!! But it's all clothes I can really use and I can throw out some of my other clothes that are in bad shape. I feel good about what I bought. Oh, I almost forgot, I got "The Best of Cooking Light" cookbook. I was browsing through it last night and I'm already excited to make several of the recipes.

Okay, so back to the purpose of the blog. I did okay eating wise. There was only one time when I ate and wasn't really hungry and ate too much. My biggest issue was with alcohol (as usual). Okay, I realize that sounds like I'm an alcoholic but I'm not. I would feel much better about my caloric consumption if I had kept the alcohol in check a bit. I'm starting a new "rule"--no alcohol during the week. If I want wine, I'll have to wait until the weekend. It'll be better for my body as well as my wallet. When you consume one bottle of wine a day, that adds up pretty fast. I didn't do any formal working out but we were walking a lot shopping. We really didn't stay at the apartment too much. I gave myself 60 minutes for Wednesday's mini golf game but I didn't count the walking when shopping. I'm definitely ready to get to the gym today! I need to talk to S about going to the gym in our complex after work...he stopped working out when he got a new job with a lot more responsibility.

Well, on that note, I'm looking at all my responsibilities for today and I better get some things done so I can go to the gym.

Later gator!

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Jen said...

*laughs* I love your comment about sounding like an alcoholic!!!

In the summer time it is NOTHING for me to come home and have like 4caesars or some other icy (alcoholic) drink...lately I find that I have switched to the "virgin" version and my mind hasn't quite caught up to the fact that there is no alcohol in there! I don't think it would work the same for wine though!! :)

It sounds like you picked up some awesome deals on your shopping trip!! I absolutely love shopping days like that!