Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

I had a good weekend. I ended up leaving early on Friday and hitting the mall to get some new underwear and body wash before the madness of Christmas shopping really kicks in. S and I walked around a lot so I gave myself 45 of exercise time. We waited until Saturday evening to eat at Bonefish Grill and it was so good!! S doesn't like seafood so he had the porkchops but both of our meals were so good and well worth the money we paid. We've already decided to eat there for our birthdays (our birthdays are one week apart) in January. Saturday and Sunday we had a lot of errands to run. We decorated the balcony with Christmas lights last night and we got lights for our indoor tree. This weekend we're going to get a real tree!! I haven't had a real Christmas tree since I was very sister is allergic to pines. I'm very excited. We went ahead and put up the lights outside and got everything moved around in the apartment so we have a place to put a real tree. We live in a 450 square foot apartment so all the furniture is strategically placed; finding a place for the tree took some moving around and rearranging.

I also gave myself 30 minutes of exercise time for both Saturday and Sunday...all the rearranging of furniture and running errands definitely torched some calories! Food wise, this weekend wasn't so good. I did well on Saturday until we got to Bonefish and while waiting for our table, I had two glasses of wine and then we had a bottle of wine with dinner. However, my entree was very low-cal (grilled fish with veggies). I had a couple more glasses of wine once we got home and then had an emotional meltdown. My grandpa died in April and last Thanksgiving is when he really took a turn for the worse. I remember flying back from Oklahoma after Thanksgiving and thinking I would be going back to Oklahoma soon for his funeral. So, anyways, Thanksgiving will be a hard time for me and I had a meltdown Saturday night relating to all of that (plus the six glasses of wine didn't help). I did okay on Sunday...could've done without the chips at a Mexican place for lunch but not too bad. Still over on the calories but it'll be okay. I'm getting better about stopping when I'm full and not eating everything on my plate just b/c it's there. Small victories, right?

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