Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Where is my motivation?

Don't know what's happened to it. It has completely disappeared.

Well, big news...had a car wreck yesterday morning. Totally the other guy's fault for being an idiot and not turning into his lane. Instead he turned into my lane and hit the passenger side of my truck. Luckily, no one was hurt but it makes me mad b/c I take good care of my vehicle and then some foreign idiot who doesn't understand the rules of the road hits me and screws it up. After the guy hit me, S and I were trying to explain to him that you can't just turn into whichever lane you want to turn into, you have to turn into your lane. He totally didn't get it! He thought he was completely right to turn into whatever lane he wanted. Ummm, if we could turn into whatever land we wanted, no one would ever know which lane someone was going into and it would be a mess! There are rules for a reason, you freakin' idiot! If you don't understand these rules, you shouldn't be driving!! The damage isn't horrible, I'll have to have a new door put on and some body work done but no one was hurt and since we were turning, we were going slow. It's just such a freakin' hassle. I have an appointment Thursday morning to have an insurance person look at it and make an estimate. Stupid freakin' idiot!!

Well, moving on (and back to the title of this post)...I have had no motivation the last few months. I'm eating horribly and not working out. It all changes Friday. I'm done with the half-hearted attempts to change. I want to be back at 165 where I felt really comfortable with my body. I'll weigh in Friday morning and it will start from there. No more eating when I'm not hungry or eating entire boxes of little donuts (this morning!) or not working out b/c "I Don't feel like it." Times are changing. I want to be healthy. At 24, I shouldn't be worried about being overweight or feel gross or not want S to touch me sometimes b/c I know I'm fat. This is it, motivation or not, things are changing. I once read/heard somewhere that if you sit around waiting for motivation to come, you'll never change. It will never be the right time or place or there will always be some other reason to not change. Even though I'm getting a cold (explains the migraine from last week), I'm changing. I'm done with eating bad or eating things I don't really want to spend the calories on. Things are going to be different, mark my words!

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