Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's a New Month!

Well, I did end up going home early yesterday. My headache was just getting worse and since I didn't have any work to do, I decided it was stupid to sit at work in pain. So I went home. I made mac and cheese when I got home but didn't eat the entire box. I also made pumpkin bread (my mom sent me her recipe) but it didn't taste as good as hers does. :( Something was wrong with my tummy in the afternoon...I don't know if it was the mac and cheese or just feeling crummy. So eating yesterday, not so good--I'm estimating 2885 calories for the day which puts me over by 915 for the week so far. But it's okay, I wasn't feeling well. Today I'm back at work and looking forward to my workout in a couple of hours!

Since it's a new month I'm going to set some goals for November! November will be a calmer month for me. I only have one application left and it's due November 15. I don't have any trips planned although S and I are talking about taking a trip next weekend (Veterans Day weekend) since we have Veterans Day off and it will be our one year anniversary! Okay, back to setting goals:
1. Will stay at 1800 calories/day (with 250 more calories allowed on Saturdays and Sundays).
2. 1530 minutes of exercise. 20 workouts in November with 11 being cardio & strength, 9 being only cardio. (11*90=990; 9*60=540; 990+540=1530 total)
3. Follow budget! I should be getting a raise in mid-November as I'll have two years of service and be eligible for a promotion.
4. Stop and appreciate what I have.

So, two weight loss related goals and two non-weight loss related goals. The weight loss goals are pretty straightforward. As is the third goal of following my budget. The fourth is something I've noticed lately about myself...I get frustrated with S and don't fully appreciate what a great guy he is. Sure, he has his faults but I need to appreciate him more. I have also been complaining about my job a lot and I'm done with it! It only makes me feel worse about my job when I complain about it all the time and it's completely my fault that I'm still here. I could've left a while ago but I chose to stay so now I have to live with that decision.

Well, I think this post is long enough. I hope to comment on blogs and update my page with my new November goals!


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Grumpy Chair said...

I like your 4th goal best!

October in the past, as always been a good month for weight loss (for me) . . . not this year. So I am hoping that November will be my month.

Did you see the Oprah show about the sneaky way to put veggies into your dishes like mac-n- cheese? The cookbook author puts pureed carrots and cauliflower into her children's mac-n-cheese and they never know they are eating veggies.

Best luck to you with your November goals.