Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day!

I cannot believe it is May!! It seems crazy to me. I'm glad to be getting some warmer weather though. Looking back over April I did not meet my exercise goal of 22 times--I only did 15 which is pretty pathetic. Most weeks I only worked out 3 times! I can do better than this!! That's why I'm really enjoying the Summer Challenge because I've challenged myself to 5 times a week which is completely doable. So my May goals are:

1) Eat within my SparkPeople limits (~1600-2000 calories a day) with an average of 1800 calories a day.
2) Workout 23 times
3) Do one yoga session a week (5 total)
4) Do two strength training sessions a week (9 total)
5) Take vitamins every day

I'm really liking SparkPeople (more than I have in the past) because not only is it tracking my calories but it's tracking my macronutrients (fat/protein/carbs) and nutrients that are important to me (sodium, potassium, fiber). I'm going to continue to use it and try to get myself away from carrying a notebook everywhere with me to write down my calories.

The working out I can do. There will be a slight challenge in the middle of the month as I'm going back to Oklahoma and Texas for a week but I will still get in my exercise!! Plus with seeing my family, I'm going to need the stress relief!

I've been very bad lately about running as my only form of working out. I'm starting to get some minor aches and pains (nothing at all serious but just uncomfortable) from not cross-training, stretching, or weight training. I love yoga, I just don't make time to do it. It really helps me stretch my muscles. So two of my goals for the month are to incorporate yoga and weight training into my workout schedule. This will be a little more challenging for me to "schedule" the time but it's important that I do so that I can remain a healthy runner.

And #5 is pretty explanatory...I've been slacking on taking my vitamins on the weekends. I'm also going to incorporate an Omega 3 supplement. I like fish, but Stephen doesn't, so I don't eat it as often as I should.

I've set up a spreadsheet both for the Summer Challenge and for my May goal so I can keep track of all of this.

On to today's menu:
Breakfast: 3 oatmeal pancakes made with 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup egg whites, cinnamon, vanilla, and 1 banana, spread with 1 Tbsp. peanut butter
Mid-Morning Snack: 1/2 mango and 1 cup pineapple
Lunch: A version of taco salad--spinach with peppers and tomatoes topped with 1 fajita burger crumbled and 2/3 cup corn, all with 2 tbsp. ranch dip, espresso truffle for "dessert"
Afternoon Snack: Clif Z bar
Dinner (during break in class tonight): 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 banana, 1 cup Kashi GoLean, 2 Tbsp flaxseed
Snack before bed (if I'm hungry): pineapple


Kim said...

Wow! You sound like a woman ready to kick some serious challenge ass!! :) YOU GO GIRL!!

Christina said...

great goals for May that reminds me i forgot to post them...gonna do that right now :)

Sara said...

Sounds like your May goals are awesome!!

I loved the Omnivore's Dilema - but I never did read the last part (hunting and gathering) b/c I had to return it to the library and the hold list for it is insane. But it definitely opened my eyes to a lot of different things.

Jen said...

Great plan for May!!!

I have all my vitamins on my kitchen table so I remember to take them every morning...and I then I have one of those huge geezer pill cases for when we go away...embarrassing yes, but at least I am remembering my vitamins!!

Jenn said...

Sounds like you are all set to ROCK in May!!!
I've been only running as my workouts too for a long time now. I need to back into alternating so that I don't get bored with running.
I never take my vitamins on weekends, I need to start doing that too.

SeaBreeze said...

I love your goal to run 7 miles continueously, but I definetly fall into the same challenge of focusing TOO MUCH on my running training. I was recently reminded that stretching is "kinda" essential. As well, cross-training will aid in keeping you from getting bored.

I find myself running on my non-running days and am trying to avoid that. I am sure you can get this sorted out.

thenewsarahsundae said...

I love sparkpeople! I love how it tells me how many minutes I've worked out for the month/year. It's awesome.

Sparky said...

Running 7 miles without stopping sounds like a great challenge! How many miles are you up to now?

Lynn said...

I love the features that SparkPeople offer like the tracking of all the nutrients, really makes me look at the food I'm eating on a daily basis!

Your May goals sound great!!