Monday, September 8, 2008

A New Direction

A confession...I've been really half-a$$ing things lately--weight loss, exercise, job searching. And that's got to stop. I saw a high number on the scale (196.8) last Friday morning and realized how close I truly am to being back at my highest weight (200). I've known for the last couple of months that I was clothes were getting tighter and things that were once comfortable are not so comfortable anymore. So Friday morning I sat down and mapped out my week and what I wanted to accomplish. No more of putting in a minimal effort. Putting in a minimal effort yields a minimal result. And I don't want a minimal result, I want a fantastic awesome result! So my goals for the week are (1) take vitamins every day, (2) exercise every day, and (3) follow a calorie schedule in which I've got higher days and lower days. My reward (besides looking and feeling better) is 1/3 of the way to buying "The Office" season 4 on DVD. I have to complete 3 weeks on plan before I can buy "The Office." My plan this week is a bit stricter since Stephen's gone until Friday and it's easier to workout and eat healthy. Not that Stephen doesn't eat healthy but he eats a small breakfast and a large dinner and I'm always much hungrier in the morning so I like to eat a large breakfast and a small dinner.

After making my plan, I bought a new notebook and new stickers. I felt like I needed a new start (plus I miss buying school supplies) in a new notebook. I'm making my goals for the week and then every night going over that day and making notes as well as making goals for the next day. I got some star post-its to mark the days I do well and smiley faces for making smaller goals. I already feel so much more encouraged about it than I have in the last couple of months.

And for the job searching, I don't have any work-work right now so I have no excuses. I've got to find another contract is up in two months (and it can be renewed so I won't be unemployed) but I need to get another job for my own mental health.

On that note, I'm off to hunt down some jobs and do some applying!


Jen said...

That is great Marissa!!! I agree, the only way to start clean is to start fresh (and I also agree with your minimal effort theory!!!)

Unfortunately we all need a wake up call every once in a while...sounds like you are running with it though!!!!

And I LOVE your PR pics!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

Kim said...

Congratulations on your fresh start!!! Sounds like you are ready to attack your new plan! :)

Sara said...

Yay for fresh starts!! I think a bunch of us need them right now - well the 2 of us at least! But we are here for each other for support!!

Good Luck on the job searching!

Sparky said...

Good plan! It sucks how those inches can sneak back on. I had put away my size 16's since they were too big in the spring. By summer I found myself wearing them again because the 12s were too small. Erk! :)