Sunday, September 7, 2008

Puerto Rico Pictures

So here's a few of the Puerto Rico pictures...the first one cracks me up everytime I look at it. Between Stephen's super cheesy smile and me squinting into the sun, we look like quite the pair.

Here's some snorkeling pictures. Snorkeling was sooo much fun!!

Picture of me at San Cristobal with San Juan in the background.
Us at the hotel hot tub. At first we thought, "Why does a hotel in Puerto Rico need a hot tub? It's like 80 degrees with 80% humidity every day." And then one day, it was chillier and windy and we understood the hot tub.
Us at San Cristobal.

Us hiking in the rainforest.
Me in La Mina falls in El Yunque rainforest.

The view of the ocean from the hotel's infinity pool. I spent an entire day here reading and napping, it was so peaceful.
Us at the Bacardi Rum Factory.
On the ferry from Catano (where the Rum Factory is) to Old San Juan. Stephen's got an Elvis smile going on.
El Morro in the background.
That's just a few of our best Puerto Rico pictures. It was very overwhelming trying to decide which pictures to post so I stayed away from all the scenic/monument pictures.


Born to Run said...

Beautiful pictures! You look great!

Amy said...

Great pics! Looks like an awesome time.

You guys are a great looking couple!

Sara said...

Those are great pics!! You are so gorgeous!