Monday, September 15, 2008

What a blech weekend.

My weekend wasn't so good. It started off well enough on Friday--I went to the gym and kicked the elliptical's butt then Stephen and I had several errands to run so we did that. Then we proceeded to get in an argument and the weekend just went downhill from there. Stephen and I don't argue or fight hardly at all and when we've gone several months without an argument, I know we're due for one. I don't want to get into what this argument was about but something Roni said in her video last week really struck with me. She was saying that when she has a fight or knows something is going on between her and another person, she writes a letter...she has a hard time talking face to face with someone in those situations. I am exactly the same way. Anytime I have an argument with someone, I basically shut down. I literally cannot say what I'm feeling, my mind just closes up. But if I sit down and start writing, I can get those things out. Interesting observation about myself (and good to know I'm not the only one like that).

So anyways Saturday morning I got up and went to the gym. I told myself I only had to do 20 minutes. Usually once I get started, I'll go longer but my heart just wasn't in it so I only did 20 minutes. Then we went to the Oklahoma State watch party (they won!!) and I did very well at the bar. I only had one light beer and for lunch I chose the spinach salad with grilled was really good and I was so proud of myself for making a healthy choice!!

Yesterday we did some more errands and we saw "Righteous Kill." It was an okay movie...about 1/2 way through I figured out what the ending was so the "big twist" wasn't really a twist to me. Other than that we watched football.

This morning I decided that instead of waiting until lunch to run I wanted to run earlier. (I'm back to getting to work by 6:30 now that Stephen's home.) So I went at 7 and it was much quieter and calmer by the monuments and museums. Plus it's good practice for me...I need to get used to running early in the morning since the half marathon starts at 6 am!! I think I'll go early again tomorrow.

Have a great Monday everyone!


Lynn said...

Don't ya just hate weekends that are just "ok"? They're supposed to be great and relaxing.

At least you hit the gym up a few times, yah!!

Sara said...

Fighting blows. Justin and I are the opposite, we have little fights almost daily like ones that last 5 minutes but it also means we rarely have big blow ups. Good self awareness though - super key to healthy arguments.

Great choice on the salad!!