Friday, September 19, 2008

Trying but Failing

I started out this morning very disappointed...I weighed and I was (am) 193.4. I was disappointed because that's up .8 lbs from last Friday. Then I started thinking and even though I worked out 6 days I also ate over my calorie allotment almost every day. When I sat down and figured it out my average daily calories was 2050 which is 250 more calories almost every day last week...that's why I gained. I need to stay closer to 1800 calories a day. Now that Stephen's home he is all about having dessert every night and even though I'm not hungry (and usually don't even want anything) I end up nibbling on his dessert. I'm going to get some sugar free pudding at the grocery store for me to have as dessert and I'm not making any more desserts for him...if he wants them, he can buy them at the grocery store. It's much easier to resist a package of store bought cookies than it is freshly made ones (especially with their intoxicating scent). I've also been taking little bites and tastes of things and those calories add up. So one of this week's goal's is no more of those bites and tastes...if I'm hungry and want to eat something then I can have a snack but just because I'm fixing my lunch for the next day doesn't mean I take a "taste" of peanut butter from the jar.

When I was running this morning (where I had all kinds of technical problems with my HR monitor and my MP3 player but that's another story) I was thinking about something I heard Jillian Michaels say on her radio show. She said that failure can be the best thing to happen to you because if you're failing at least you're trying. Better to be trying but failing than to not be doing anything at all. So even though I failed this past week at least I'm trying and I know what I did wrong as well as what steps I need to take to succeed. This week will be better! And on that note, have a great weekend!!


Sara said...

A Cdn woman just wrote a book about Failure - she said you can have success without failure (just like Jillian I guess), she was pushing it more for kids (and how parents tend to coddle them these days) but I saw how it definitely related to weight loss!

You should join Biggest Loser Canada/Blog Edition that Angie has!! Link on my and her site! Deadline is Sunday!

Sparky said...

Jillian is right. Think of what the scale might have said if you had not been trying! :)

Lynn said...

I remember her saying that and thinking how true it was. You're giving it your all and it will eventually work for you - look at the healthy habits you've developed as a result of trying!!

And yes, join us in the Biggest Loser Blog Edition!!