Thursday, September 18, 2008

The old switcheroo

I took yesterday off...Stephen had an eye appointment so I switched my AWS day that was scheduled for Friday to yesterday so we could spend some time together. I went to the gym in the morning while he was at his appointment. I did 60 minutes on the knee started hurting at the end but I only had 5 minutes left so I pushed through. I wanted to do some strength training but I was hungry (and I even ate some cereal before going to the gym)...I went back to the apartment and fixed myself a small bowl of oatmeal and ate that and then I did 15 minutes of arms using my free weights. I am proud of myself for still doing my weights even though I had to take a refueling break.

I went running this morning and my knee was giving me some problems. Nothing too serious but it's definitely sore. I ended up walking most of my 5.5 miles and I'm about to fix myself an ice pack and start doing some icing.

Here's something funny...I was looking through one of my desk drawers (it's where I keep my tea, snack bars, popcorn, etc.) for some diet hot chocolate to drink while I'm icing my knee and I found a bunch of stuff I completely forgot I had...lifesavers, mints, packets of Crystal Light to mix with water. I feel like I won the jackpot...well, I'm not that excited but still it was quite exciting.

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Sparky said...

Boo for knee pain. Hope that goes away soon. When did you buy your running shoes?