Thursday, February 14, 2008

All Over the Place

Sorry my post is late today. I had a meeting this morning during my normal "posting" time. This project has me drowning in Excel spreadsheets. One thing I really, really hate about this job...I'll have no work for months and then when I do get a project, they want everything done yesterday. So I go from zero productivity to super-charged productivity overnight. Very frustrating...I like having a schedule and knowing what I'll be doing from day to day. On that note, found out from my school in NYC that I was waitlisted. So three rejections and two waitlists on my 5 applications. Still a chance I could get in to one of my waitlisted schools but pretty unlikely. Now I'll be looking for another job and taking some classes at night to beef up my resume.

I'm okay with the news now but Tuesday when I found out, it was pretty hard. This week's been a bit emotional for me. My grandpa died in April last year and this weekend they're having the auction for all his farm equipment. I'm not going to Okla for the auction but selling his tractors and tools and all that stuff makes his death even more final. Plus, Valentine's Day was always a special holiday for me. My grandpa would go and pick out cards for all his grandkids and then he would send them to us. The rest of the year, grandma did the card/present thing but Valentine's day was his. (One year she thought she was helping him out and bought a bunch of cards for him and he got upset. He said he always picked out individual cards for his grandkids with messages he thought we could use that year. She ended up taking her cards back and letting grandpa pick out the cards he wanted to send us.) So add that to finding out that I essentially didn't get in anywhere for school (after spending $3000 and oodles of time), and my emotions are shot. The one thing that's helped keep my emotions in check...running. Running is so therapeutic for me. Since my grandpa died there have been so many times when I just start crying when I'm running. Running is a release of my emotions. And it always feels like I start a run with emotional baggage (stress, sadness, disappointment) and end with a smile on my face and no baggage in sight...I've left it somewhere along the miles.

I'm done with my Valentine's Day challenge. A total loss of 3.2 lbs--not as much as I wanted but it's better than keeping that weight or gaining even more. Now I think I'll do a ski trip challenge. We're going skiing at the beginning of April and I want to make sure that I'm in shape and can enjoy the trip as much as possible.

Stephen and I went to see "Fool's Gold" yesterday since we stayed home due to the ice. The movie, as far as plot and characters go, is okay but the scenery is amazing. As we were going home, both of us were saying how we need to take a vacation to a warm, tropical place. I'm done with winter.

P.S. I realize this post is all over the place...that's what happens when I post in the afternoon. My mind is all over and definitely not focused like it is in the morning.

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Jen said...

Aw, Maris, I am sorry to hear about all of that (the waitlisting and your grandpa)...I AM happy though that you have an outlet for your pain and that you are doing wonderful things for yourself MENTALLY by running!!!

Good job on the Vday challenge!!! Like you said, it's weight LOST (never to be found again!!!)

have a good valentines day!!!