Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feeling Much Better

So I called my mom yesterday, pretty much immediately after I finished posting. We talked for a while, I cried, she cried. Ultimately, I came to the decision that I need to be back on meds for a while and my mom whole-heartedly agreed. I think I already knew that's what I needed to do but I had to have someone else tell me. It was very hard for me to admit that I need the meds. I took them for about 2 years in college. When I stopped taking them, I really felt that I had beat depression. I knew what my triggers were and I knew the steps I needed to take to keep it from coming back (exercise, "me" time, etc). This the only time I've had my depression come back so strongly. I've had a couple of days here and there where I felt a bit down but nothing like the last few weeks. I don't know if I can describe how hard it was for me to admit I needed meds. When I stopped taking them before, I really felt I would never, ever be back on medicine for my moods. But I have to look at depression as being a disease that I have and, possibly for the rest of my life, I might have periods where I'm on medicine and periods when I'm not on meds.

After talking to my mom, I called my doctor and spoke with her. She recommended meds and talking to a therapist if I thought that might help. The plan right now is for me to be on the meds for at least the next 6 months. When I go to see my doctor in August for my annual check-up or with my therapist before then that I'm feeling better and I just needed the meds for a while, we can discuss going back off the meds. I called around yesterday and have an appointment with a therapist in mid-March. As soon as I realized I had a way to deal with this, I felt better yesterday.

I called Stephen at work yesterday and we talked about it for about 10 minutes and then last night we talked about it for an hour or so. He's completely supportive and such a great guy. After he talked to me yesterday during work, he called my mom and talked to her and reassured her that he knew what was going on and that he was going to help me in whatever ways he needed to. (Seriously, he called my mother...what a great guy!) I'll make it through and he's going to be there with me.

After talking through this with Stephen and my mom yesterday I think there's several things that triggered this episode:
1) MBA schools and not getting in anywhere
2) Uncertainty about my job now since I'll have to find other employment but don't want to do what I'm doing at my current job.
3) Lingering grief about my grandpa dying
4) the weather. Winter is bad for my moods, I already knew it but I think combined with the other things, it ends up being a pretty big factor.
5) How slow the weight loss has been occurring. I'm losing, but by god, it's incredibly slow.
6) I'm not good about taking care of myself sometimes and voicing when I need some alone time. Definitely something I can work on though!

Friday is my AWS day and I've made a hair appointment and I'm thinking about getting a mani/pedi as well. I'm looking forward to it! Honestly, I felt so much better after talking to everyone yesterday and realizing that I have all kinds of people willing to help me and I'm not alone in this. Thank you for all your kind words yesterday.


Jen said...

*big hugs* I am SO glad to hear that you got a chance to talk to everybody that you needed to yesterday and that you have so much support right now!!! Stephen is great for being so supportive as well, and I can't even say how amazing it is that he called your mom...that is!!!

I used to work in grief counseling at a job and any number of the things you mentioned ON THEIR OWN is enough to send someone in a downward spiral...let alone six at one time...even happy things (like moves, or weddings, or ANYTHING) can add to it and just really make you feel depressed!

Don't feel bad for going back on meds...some things you CAN'T control and this WILL help you in the long's a small sacrifice for the greater good...

if you ever need another friend, feel free to email me

Sara said...

Think of it this way - if you had cancer you would treat it. It is so hard with depression b/c we feel that we should be tough enough and strong enough to deal with things ourselves. But it is an illness and it is okay to need help. I think your 6 month plan sounds great.

Those 6 things definitely do make it hard for anyone not to be depressed never mind if you are already predisposed.

Good for you for advocating for you health and taking the steps to living happily and healthily.

And echoing Jen - feel free to email anytime -

Lynn said...

I think its wonderful that you're going back on the meds. It's nothing to be embarrassed about at all, you're trying to take control of the situation before it gets worse.

I was having a really bad, depressing day yesturday too and know EXACTLY what you mean about the Winter and feeling crappy.

Sounds like you have an amazing guy who listens and would do anything for you.

You're definitely not alone, especially here in Bloggerland. :)