Friday, February 15, 2008

The weekend's almost here!

I am so glad it's Friday! I've got a 3 day weekend (again!) because Monday is President's Day! Woo-hoo!! We don't have any big plans for the weekend...just the usual errands, movies, etc. I do think that I'm going to get my hair cut short. I'm so ready for a change. But I may chicken out at the last minute so we'll see. I'm being such a copy cat and printing off a pic of Jen's hair to show the stylist...I just love, love, love Jen's hair!

So something cool happened to me yesterday. I was in the locker room at work showering/getting ready after my run and there was several other ladies in there (there's some yoga/pilates classes here at work which are ridiculously expensive, but I digress). So I'm getting ready, minding my own business and this one woman whose locker is close to mine says, "You must be on an intense training schedule. Every time I'm in here, you're in here. Do you go run or what do you do?" So I tell her that I run at lunch. And she says, "Well you must be very dedicated. You go almost everyday." And I say something about needing to get out of the office and be outside. I thought that was so cool and so encouraging!! Someone I don't even know noticed how much I've been running lately!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Jen said...

I LOVE when other people notice how much effort you are putting in!!!! That must have felt absolutely fabulous!!!

Do you mean ME Jen???? My hair??? If so, DO IT!!!!! (that's an awesome compliment too, thanks!)
And if it's not ME Jen, do it anyways!!! :P I think you will look AWESOME with shorter hair!!!

Lynne said...

One day when you're down - remember how others are seeing you - that girl who runs all the time... What a great compliment!