Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stupid cold weather messes up my lunchtime runs!

I cannot wait for the weather to warm up! Yesterday when I went on my lunchtime run, I had such a hard time breathing b/c of the cold air. And my legs felt like they never warmed up. Overall, it was just a crappy run. I ended up walking 1/2 b/c I couldn't breathe. But I did get to use my new heart rate monitor and that was cool. As I was running it continuously gave me my heart rate, which I could only see a couple of times since it was so cold yesterday I was all bundled up. At the end, it told me my average heart rate. I did look at the monitor a couple of times when I was running and found out that even when I'm running, my heart rate is barely above 75% of my maximum heart rate. Guess that means I need to run harder! Maybe I'll start mixing in two days of intervals with my usual steady pace runs. I want to keep up with the steady pace until I can run 5 miles. We might be getting some snow/rain/ice around noon so I'll have to check the weather before I head out today. I hope it's not raining or snowing since I told myself if I run all 5 work days this week, I can get a new top this weekend.

I have other things I want to talk about but I'm leaving early today for a wax so I need to make significant progress on this project so that I don't have to work on it at home tonight. Talk to you ladies later!!

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Sara said...

Hey at least you are getting out there!!

75% of your heart rate is great for endurance running. You usually want to aim for around 75-80%. For speed runs you want to be at around 80-85%. So the idea of throwing in some more intervals runs sounds great!