Thursday, February 21, 2008

Winter Mixes and Happy Hours

I'm so glad Jen and Sara knew what Wendy's sandwiches I was talking about yesterday! Makes me feel not so crazy.

Let's see...not much to report here. It snowed yesterday afternoon. Actually while I was running at lunch it started snowing. We only got an inch or so but starting at midnight tonight we are supposed to get rain, snow, sleet, and ice all mixed together (the famed "winter mix"). Personally, I think the forecasters just call it "winter mix" when they're unsure what it's going to be: good (rain) or bad (snow) or really bad (sleet/ice). I'm taking some work home with me tonight so if it's bad in the morning, I can just stay home where it's nice and warm. I think Stephen has the same plan.

Tonight we have a happy hour for the alumni associate of my alma mater. I'm planning on a rum and diet favorite drink and I don't keep diet coke at home anymore b/c I'll just leave out the rum and start drinking diet cokes all the time. Dinner's in the Crock-Pot (ham and beans) so we'll be able to walk in and start eating within 5 or 10 minutes. We usually eat dinner around 6 or 6:30 and since this happy hour doesn't start until 6, both Stephen and I will be hungry when we get home.

Well, don't have anything too exciting to say today. I'll talk to you later!!


Jen said...

OOOH, that doesn't sound like a good mix AT ALL!!! WHen I first read the title I thought it was going to be ALL about alcohol (not snow and rain mix, *laughs*)

I hope you had a good time tonight!! Your dinner sounds yummy!!!!

I had to stop bringing vodka in the house (or I have to put it up on the high shelf) because I go through bottles and bottles of clamato juice (caesars are my drink!!) but now I will drink the clamato least I don't have the alcohol to spur me on to drink more though!!

Sara said...

Vino is my problem oh and black russians. hmm I could totally go for one right now. Oh wait it is only 10:30am - what is the problem with me!!

Hope you got to stay home today you lucky girl!!