Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have to confess that yesterday I didn't run and I hate 4 Mrs. Field's chocolate chip cookies! Eeeek! Let me start at the beginning: I've been having a wicked craving for homemade cookies lately and since I woke up yesterday all I was thinking about was cookies! Well, then about the time I head out to run, my mom calls and since I rarely get to talk to her for more than 10 minutes, I talked to her for 40 minutes. By the time I hung up the phone I was hungry for lunch. I get my sandwich out of the pantry and some evil person brought in Girl Scout cookies. I already had cookies on the brain and now they're right in front of me!! I ate 3 of them before I even thought about it. I have this very tedious Excel project right now and mid-afternoon yesterday I went to CVS and bought a package of cookies and a Diet Dr. Pepper (I don't even drink soda anymore but for me, I can't have real sugar without the artifical stuff). When I got back to work I ate 4 of the cookies and stopped only because I thought I was going to throw up. Why did I feel the need to eat to the point of being sick?? I threw the rest in the trash. Here's the good thing about this episode yesterday...I only went over my calories by 100. I consciously made a decision last night to only eat fish and veggies for dinner. So even though I had a bit of a cookie meltdown, it didn't entirely ruin my day. I was able to rework my dinner a bit so the cookie damage wasn't so bad.

Now for a quick product review: Lean Cuisine's Chicken Ranch Club Flatbread Melt

I had this today for lunch. It was really yummy! I don't eat a lot of frozen meals b/c they aren't always filling and there's tons of sodium in them. This was really good. I want to try the other varieties of the Flatbread Melts now. It tasted like a sandwich that Wendy's used to make on these flatbreads. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about but those flatbread sandwich's from Wendy's were awesome. Anyway, this was good.


Jen said...

mmmm...I forgot about those sandwiches at Wendys!!! Why do they always get rid of the yummy things???

That is awesome that you had the cookies and only went over by 100 calories!!! I think that is insane!!! (Insanely GOOD btw!)

I have had cookie cravings too lately...and mmm chocolate...oh dear...just lots of cravings it seems!

Sara said...

Yeah I liked those sammies too!!

Mmm cookies. I promise I'll post my home made low cal cookies tomorrow for you b/c they are so delish and only about 65 cals!!

Lynn said...

Mmm cookies, lol :) Don't worry about it, so you went over by 100 cals - you can easily burn it off. You're human and had a craving, who hasn't?