Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A bit of a rant

So first off, I'm leaving tomorrow to go see my fam. I'll try to post my weigh-in in the morning and that will probably be it for me until next Wednesday. I've come up with a "plan" for my trip and have scheduled in runs and workouts while I'm back. My plan for food is to make the best choices I can. There will be one splurge on Mexican food but considering I haven't had good mexican food in months, this splurge will be worth it. My sister (who I'm staying with for the first couple of days) always has tons of snack food around. I've made my own snack pack with Larabars, the Clif kids bars, preportioned baggies of cereal and crackers, and oatmeal packets. This way if I do get a snack attack, I've got better food to eat! I'm also going to bring a couple of oranges with me. I'm still going to track what I'm eating. I plan on making my family dinner one night so we're not eating out for both lunch and dinner every day.

On a great note, I finished that project yesterday. Due to my fantastic Excel skills, I wrote some macros and saved myself a lot of time. I'm glad to be going on vacation and have that project done!!

Here's a rant for you. Today we had a little get together for our bureau. We usually have these every six months or so and they are usually called Bagel Fests. Which I loved b/c I like bagels and these events were close enough together, yet far enough apart, to justify getting a bagel with cream cheese. Well anyways, at the last Bagel Fest, one of the administrative people brought in about a dozen Krispy Kremes on a whim and the doughnuts were gone in literally two minutes. So this time for six month get together, they decided to do a Doughnut Fest instead. I'm slightly annoyed that they changed it but whatever, I can deal. I do like doughnuts but Krispy Kremes are so sugary they almost make me sick. But during the event, our director starts talking about how doughnuts are healthier than bagels and mentions one of the economists who pointed this out to our director. My co-worker Ryan and I just looked at each other, quite flabbergasted. Yes, doughnuts do have less calories than bagels but they also have more fat and sugar than bagels. You're much better off to eat a bagel which has protein and fiber and will fill you up for longer than a doughnut will. Just because something has less calories does not mean it is healthier. Fewer calories and healthy don't always go hand in hand (for example, all the low sugar, low calorie food out there that has no nutritional value whatsoever). And then after the Doughnut Fest, our director sends out an email to everyone in the bureau with the calorie counts for both the doughnuts and the bagels and proclaims, "See the doughnuts ARE healthier." No, they're not!! Ugh, it drives me nuts that people think like this. So completely frustrating. I was really tempted to write back and point out the fat, sugar, protein, and fiber of each food but since this guy's my ultimate boss, that might not be the best job move. (And for the record, I did not have a donut!! I just kept telling myself how sick one would make me feel and I really had no desire to ingest all of that sugar at 9 in the morning.) Anyways, rant's over.

I'll see you lovely ladies next week!


Jen said...

Bah!!! That is ridiculous!!! I hate when people are like that!! A lot of people just don't understand PERIOD!

Have a great visit with your family!!! It sounds like you have a fantastic plan in place!

Heather said...

Some people are just clueless! lol. He's probably the same type of people who think that diet soda is healthy.

Kudos for avoiding the donuts, that's a huge NSV :)

Cara said...

i hate when people make uneducated arguments like that! boo!! Good job for skipping the donuts!

Sara said...

donuts healthy? too funny! Wowsa people amaze me sometimes!

Hope you are having a blast and sticking to your plan!