Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Product Find!

I got into work early this morning. Stephen had to leave around 6 (he has a conference today and needed to do some prep for it) and when he got up at 5:15, I got up as well. In a studio apartment, if one person gets up, the other either gets up or lays in bed extremely frustrated. I piddled around the apartment and took my time getting ready and got to work an hour earlier than normal. Which I don't mind at all. If I had my way, I'd get up at 5 or so everyday and be into work by 7:30, I'm much more productive in the mornings. But Stephen doesn't like to get up that early so we usually get up at 6:30 instead.

I've read on a few blogs about the Clif bars made for kids so when we were in Trader Joe's to pick up Larabars, I picked up two flavors of the Clif Z bars. Here's a picture so you know what they look like:

I got the chocolate chip and chocolate brownie flavors. (There's also a honey graham flavor which I picked up at the grocery store over the weekend and am having today as well as a peanut butter flavor which I haven't seen in any stores.) Both the chocolate chip and chocolate brownie flavors are yummy! They taste like chocolate oatmeal cookies to me! The ingredients are all organic and there's no crazy preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated oils. Honestly, they really taste like cookies! Which is perfect for me b/c I love oatmeal cookies so this is a great way for me to satisfy my inner oatmeal cookie monster and still not consume HFCS or trans fats.
Due to my early morning, I updated my blog and added more of my daily blog reads. I'll be back later to comment. See you later!


Jen said...

MMM, those sound really good!!! I haven’t seen such a thing around my neck of the woods, but I will have to grab them if I see them!!!

I wish I could pull myself out of bed that early…when I am awake I am DEFINITELY a morning person!!!

Sara said...

mmm sounds good!! We have individual cliff and larabars but they are crazy pricy for a cheap ass like me!! I'll look out for sales - thanks for the recommendation!

5am - eek!!!

B2B SEO Copywriting said...

I am trying this one after work today! I hope it is just as good.

I hope to be able to keep up with your blog! I saw you in my stat's and it seems like you have a great thing going!