Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm back!

Hey everyone! It's good to be back...I've missed you all! I was supposed to get back to DC on Tuesday evening but there was a possible tornado over the Dallas airport--all flights into and out of Dallas were cancelled and I was rebooked to Wednesday. I had my first appointment with my psychiatrist on Wednesday that I had to cancel. I should have been back to work yesterday but I was super tired (and still am) so I stayed home to sleep. But, anyways, I'm back today!!

The trip back was good. I got to see my newest niece and held her for a while. I also got to hang out with my grandma and catch up with her. My mom, sister, and I spent a lot of quality time together and did some major shopping! All in all, it was a good trip. I did get very frustrated with my father (almost to the point of me saying I'm finished with him) and I missed Stephen but otherwise, it was a good trip back.

I weighed in today at 181.2 so only a gain of .6 lbs! I'll take it! I said I was still going to track and get in my workouts but I only tracked until Monday and only went running once (out of the four times I had planned). Oh well, I enjoyed the time with my family and I'm back to tracking today and will get back to running this weekend.

Will catch up with all your blogs soon! Have a great weekend!

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Lynn said...

Glad to hear that you had a good time on your trip. It's nice to catch up w/ family!

You pretty much maintained while on vacation, great job!

That sucks you had to miss your first app, hopefully you can get another on e soon.