Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Go Pokes!

Well it always seems that when I have a great night of sleep, the next night is not such a great night. Which is what happened last night. I woke up about 12:30 when it started raining outside (the last few nights the temp has only dropped down to 55 degrees so we've been sleeping with the patio door open). And once I wake up, I usually have a hard time falling back asleep. I finally conked out again around 2 but I hate it when I don't get a good solid night of makes my running suck. Which is what happened today. I still went for my 5.5 mile loop but I walked 2/3 and ran 1/3. Somewhat disappointing but the weather was nice so I enjoyed being outside with the sun and soakin' up some rays!

Tonight is a basketball watch party with my Oklahoma State alumni group...Okla State plays Oklahoma (our in state rivals and hence, the title of today's post, it's a very big game!). Stephen and I are going home first to eat and then we'll subway back in for the game since it doesn't start until 8. (We'll both be working from home tomorrow since we won't get to bed until around midnight tonight.) My plan is to have one drink and maybe share an appetizer with Stephen, depending on if we're hungry. It should be a good game!


Grumpy Chair said...

OH MY Goodness!!! I am on OSU alumni and love to watch the basketball games. One of the ass't coach/helpers was a guy who played bb when I was there, he was in a bunch of my classes and I always ended up sitting behind him.

Lynn said...

I don't function properly w/out uninterrupted sleep either, but at least you pushed yourself to get out.

Have fun at the game tonight!

Sara said...

have fun tonight (and fingers crossed for a better sleep)!

Only like 2 more weeks til March Madness right?