Thursday, March 27, 2008

Test Results!!!

Alright so here are my test results:

Body fat percentage: 31.9%
Normal: 20-26%

Fat lbs: 57.3
Normal: 33-42

Water percentage: 46%
Normal: 50-60%

BMR: 1771
BMR/Weight: 9.8 kcal/lb
Suggested Average Daily Calories to Maintain: 2479

BMI: 27.3
Normal: 20-25

My thoughts: Overall, right along the lines of where I thought I was. I was actually pleasantly surprised by my body fat percentage--I thought it would be higher. My goal is to eat 1800 calories per day, on average. So the test affirmed that I'm eating right at my BMR and about 700 calories less than my suggested intake (and that's not including any exercise, just day-to-day activities). I might play around with increasing my calories a bit since I'm eating right at my BMR. I don't want to kill my metabolism!


Sara said...

Those results look good!! I'm so jealous!!

Jen said...

That is really cool!!!! It looks like you are doing REALLY good Maris!!!

I love seeing those Cals to maintain...I used to fear maintenance because I thought I would starve...but yeah, that makes it look very attainable (and you are doing an awesome job with your guess - but I agree, don't kill your metabolism!)

Grumpy Chair said...

Great numbers!

I'm reading Denise Austin's book right now, and she believes in eating higher calories (1600, 1800)- not the 1200 you see so many diet "experts" suggest.

Sometimes the YMCA does those blood tests, next time I need to look into it.