Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Been A Bit

Well, it's been a bit since I've posted. Last weekend I went to Chicago to visit two schools and this weekend I'm going to Oklahoma for my alma mater's homecoming. In the midst of these two trips, I had one application due last week and two due this week so it's been a bit hectic. Surprisingly, not too bad but I feel like I've slacked off on my applications the past couple of weeks which is really when I should have been hitting them the hardest. To my credit, the only thing I had left to do on my applications was revise my essays one more time. I'll find out in about a month if I'm still in the running for two schools. The third school I already had my interview with and I'll find out in January (at the latest). I hope I find out sooner on the third school as it is my top choice. The biggest problem has been my recommenders getting their letters in. I can't submit my applications until their letters are in so I end up waiting on them.

Enough about all that. This is a weight loss blog so back to that. Hmmm...not much to report. Holding steady right now. With the trips it's hard for me to exercise and eat really well. I was proud of myself in Chicago...I never ate until I was stuffed. When I get back next Monday, it's back to working out every day and eating right and counting my calories. I'm mad at myself for gaining back 15 pounds. Before I go to school next fall I will be down to 150, at least. My secret goal is 140 but I passed that weight somewhere in grade school. I'm going to update my blog a bit today and get some links up to the other blogs I read. Next week I want to start commenting on blogs...I've been lurking for several months now but it's time to come out of the "lurkers closet." I have some goals for the week I get back so perhaps I'll post about those later.

Off to update!

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