Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's Thursday!

Today's Thursday which means tomorrow's Friday!! I've decided to take all of next week off from work. Monday we have off b/c it's Columbus Day and I was going to be gone Wednesday-Friday anyways to go to Chicago so I decided to take Tuesday off as well. I have to get four of my applications submitted and prep for an interview before we go to Chicago and with the way things have been at work, I haven't had the time this week to make substantial progress. I spent yesterday morning uploading resumes and transcripts to schools' websites and got a little bit of work done on one essay. Today my goals are to write answers to 5 potential interview questions and get revisions done on the remaining essays so that I can send the essays out to friends and family to get some feedback. I still have this "urgent" work project to do but I'm trying to pass it off to someone else and today I'm focusing on my applications. I love how in my entire two years here, I have never had an urgent project and then I get one the week I'm trying to get my applications done. Typically I have to beg to get work and even then it's very sporadic and I'll only be busy for a week (if I'm lucky). To be quite honest, I don't have any problems working on my applications instead of my work project...there's several people in my division who can do the work project and it's selfish but these applications are my future and there's no future for me at this job.

Well, I've got a clear set of my goals for today so I better get to it!

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