Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Going Well

Yesterday was a great day! I went to the gym and did 60 minutes on the elliptical and 25 minutes of strength training. My calories yesterday were at 1695...I could have had an evening snack but I wasn't hungry so I decided to pass. Even though you can't technically "save" up calories, I'm just going to keep them. I'm sure I'll use them this weekend when we have the new margarita machine. We've bought some margarita mix but it's 140 calories for 1/2 cup! Add that with the tequila and you're talking about 250 calories for a small margarita. I'm going to research some sugar-free/lighter options since we'll probably be having a lot more margaritas now!

Not much else to report. Got my application in this morning so I just have one left and it's not due until November 15! Since I don't have a lot of work right now that'll be easy to get done while I'm at work. I'm going to try to find some finance/accounting textbooks and review them before going to school next year. It'll be good for me plus it will give me something to do at work. Okay, well, that's all I've got today.


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