Thursday, December 20, 2007

Doing Much Better

Thanks for your kind words yesterday. I'm doing much better today. Stephen took off early yesterday too and took me out to lunch and bought me some flowers. We watched "A Christmas Story" yesterday afternoon. My family and friends who all knew yesterday was a big day called me throughout the day to check up on me. I'm really blessed to have such great people in my life! The good news is that I still have pending applications at two more schools; one of the schools I have an interview with at the end of January and the other I'll hear from by January 28. So I still have some options available to me. I decided that if I do not get in anywhere this year, I'm going to reapply next fall (probably to different schools). If I don't get in anywhere, I'm going to make a career move to a different company or agency. Where I am now, I don't have hardly any responsibility and I have had no work in several months. It doesn't matter if I tell my boss I have nothing to do, assignments and cases always get assigned to other people. It's very frustrating and I want to be somewhere that I'm actually doing something and acquiring skills not just counting down the time to when I can leave.

So thanks again for your support! I really appreciate it! I'm working on my New Year's Goals today so I should have a post about that later.


Jen said...

Oh, I am really sorry to hear that...

It sounds like you have WONDERFUL support, and that definitely helps in situations like these!!!

Good luck with your other schools, I agree, maybe you should look into a different company...I would probably go nuts at a job like that just waiting!!!!

Lynn said...

Hey Marissa - thank for the msg. I've added you to my blogroll!

Good luck w/ your schooling/career. I look foward to hearing about how it all works out :)

Sara said...

Wow I thought my job was shite!! Sshh don't tell anyone!!

It is soo hard to be at a crossroads in life. But no matter what you know you have surrounded yourself with supportive people so that makes it easier going forward!!