Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Party Tuesday

Today is the holiday party here at work and I have been dreading it. It starts at 12 and goes until 4 with lunch, desserts and alcohol provided. The lunch isn't catered but is more of a potluck type lunch. Here's why I'm dreading it: I hate, hate, hate eating potluck meals. I hate them so much b/c most people's food doesn't taste that good! I realize this sounds very cocky but my food tastes so much better than a lot of other people's food. And I'm not wasting my calories on food that's only so-so. So here's the plan for today, I'm going to go do my normal workout at the gym around 11. Come back and eat my brownbag lunch like I do every day. Then S might come over (or he might not) and we'll go at 2 to have dessert and maybe a glass of wine. I realize it's antisocial to not go for the lunch part of the party but I think it would be more rude (ruder?) to take my lunch in there and eat. Plus I want to workout like usual. And I can go around 2 and still get all the mingling and networking in that I need to do. I haven't decided for sure if I'm even going to eat dessert or have wine. I'll see how I feel when I get there.

I'm going to pat myself on the back for a minute...last night S opened a bottle of wine and I really wanted some but I just kept telling myself, "you had 3 bottles over the course of the weekend. you do not NEED any more wine." And it worked! No alcohol on the weekdays is still intact! Which is motivating me even more to not have wine today at the holiday party to keep my streak going!

S weighed himself yesterday for the first time in months. He knew that he was gaining weight and didn't want to see how bad it was but he finally bit the bullet yesterday. He weighed 179.2 (which is still very healthy and normal for his height) but that means he's gained almost 20 pounds since January, and most of it over the last 5 months. (He lost 50 or 60 pounds a couple of years before I met him.) Prior to August he worked at the same company but in a different position where he wasn't that busy so he would workout for 2 hours a day around lunchtime. In August he took a different position and he's super busy and can't leave during the day to work out. So we talked about it last night and he wants to get back into working out. He isn't for sure how he can work it into his schedule but I told him I would love it if we worked out on the weekends together (we used to do this a few months ago) and he would have at least two workouts a week in. I'm going to keep talking about it and encouraging him to find some time. I wouldn't mind if he came home later if that meant he was working out (honestly, I would love it b/c it would give me some alone time at home but that's a different post entirely). If nothing else it sounds like I have a weekend workout partner now! Anybody have any tips about encouraging your sig other to get back into working out??


Jen said...

I have to agree with what you said about the potluck!! I usually don't like other people's food and yeah, why waste calories on something you don't really like???

Good job on avoiding the wine!!! i find the second Danny suggests something I am in! And then I regret it later!!!

I wish I had a tip for you for getting S back into working out...Danny usually wants to work out more than I do...so I just have to kick my own butt into gear...MUCH easier!

eat like a caveman said...

yea...nice plan on the lunch party today. that is what i would be doing too...plus mingling for 4 hours would just be too boring!

a tip for you and S is to have a goal to go hit the gym together. I know you may work out midday at work, but maybe 2-3 times a week you can plan to go at night together, or go for a walk together after dinner, or do a workout dvd together! definitely take advantage of the weekend and go snowboarding, hiking, biking, running, the park + a picnic, ice skating, you name it! =)

Sara said...

I'm a trained Personal Trainer so I would just kick Justin's a$$ and then he would get mad b/c I was stronger and tougher and that motivated him!! Now he strength trains about 1-2x/week and does our stationary bike about the same.

Sara said...
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