Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Year's Goals

2008 Goals (first 6 months): since I might or might not be going to school in the fall, my goals are for the first 6 months of the year. They may continue on to the last 6 months or they may be changed.


-Eat more whole foods and less processed foods. Over the last couple of months, I've been doing well with this and actually I prefer fruits and veggies to processed carbs now.
-Stick with 1800 calories/day. Anything less than this is starving my body, particularly when I'm working out.
-Focus on getting in more protein and dairy servings. Good fuel for my workouts.

*Working Out
-Continue with working out, aiming for 5-6 days/week. This is a step up from 3-4 days/week I'm doing now. I also want to continue my regular weight training routine. Muscle burns more calories!
-Set 6 week work out challenges for myself. Even though I won't make my New Years Workout Challenge goal, I've been super motivated by it! The next one will be a Valentines Day Challenge Goal.
-Try classes at the gym! You pay for them…stop being shy and get in there! I miss my yoga and mixing up my routine will be great for my body!


-Take classes, either Italian or business school prep.
-Read more nonfiction books. I read a lot but I read almost all fiction, most of it chick-lit. While those are good for an escape, I also need to feed my brain a bit more.
-Read the WSJ every day. I want to go to business school so being up on the business world would probably be a good thing.


-Follow budget and debt reduction plan.

Overall Health

-Dentist and eye doctor appointments.
-Complete physical and blood tests.
I haven't gone to the dentist in about 3 years (I pay for health insurance, I should use it). I can receive a free physical and blood tests here at work once a year...I need to take advantage of it!


-Italy scrapbook. Went to Italy almost 3 years ago...still don't have the scrapbook finished!
-Recipes into computer database. I got a computer program that basically serves as a computer recipe file. I need to put all of my recipes in there and use it to plan meals. This program is super can create menus for weeks at a time and then it will create a shopping list for you for one week, two weeks, etc! I just got the program last week.


Jen said...

Those are great maris!!!

I like having things I can "check off" instead of being so vague that you are like "hm, DID I do that???"

honib1 said...

just stumbled upon your blog.. great ideas Maris... and I love the recipe program idea..

Lynn said...

Your goals sounds great!!

That recipe program sounds really neat too, what's it called?

Sara said...

sounds like some great SMART goals!

Grumpy Chair said...

You have great goals for the new year!

I like how you challenge yourself and will keep checking in daily for your Valentine's challenge.

Happy holidays to you.